Can You Spot A Fake Diamond At Home: Here Are Some Tests You Can Do At Home

July 26, 2023

Perhaps the last thing you ever want to be told is that the beautiful engagement ring on your finger is actually a fake! Did your partner buy it knowing it was fake, or did they get scammed by the jeweler? Did someone swap out your real diamond wedding ring at some point? There are so many possibilities that it can really create a lot of stress and ultimately disappointment!

But wait, is it possible to test if a diamond is fake at home? Well, somewhat. It is not that simple and only an expert can really tell you if your diamond is fake or not. However, there are a couple of tests that you can do at home to give you a rough idea if your diamond is really obviously a fake or not.

Do the water test on your diamond

One of the easiest tests you can do at home is the water test. This is a simple little test that you can do on everything like wedding jewelry or rings with diamonds on them. You simply fill a glass with water and then gently lower the diamond in. Keep in mind that you need to do this with just the diamond and not the entire ring or piece of jewelry! If you see it floating to the surface or rising almost to the top, then it is probably a fake. This is because real diamonds are extremely dense and tough materials, so they will always sink to the bottom of the glass. If your diamond is floating, then it is probably not a real one.

Test it under a UV light if you have one

If you own a UV light then you can use it to test if a diamond is fake or not. Simply place it under the UV light and watch what happens. Real diamonds should always emit a soft blue glow. This is not true for all diamonds, but if yours does glow then it is usually a good indication that it is real. If your diamond does not glow then do not be too alarmed as this can sometimes happen depending on where the diamond has come from and how it is been cut. But if it does not glow, you may want to at least get the diamond assessed by a professional so you know if it is really a fake or not.

Inspect the ring for any markings and damage

When buying high-end diamond jewelry gifts and wedding rings, the diamond is arguably the most expensive thing in the package. As such, real jewelers are going to want to protect the diamond as best as possible by setting it in high-quality metals. This is to protect the diamond and ensure that it does not just fall out one day. A good way to see if the metals are actually high-quality and even real is to look at the inner band of the ring. You should see markings that indicate the quality of the metal used. The letters PT refer to platinum, and K would mean gold. So if you see something like 18K, that is high-quality gold in your ring!

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