Living Room Paint Color Trends For 2023

February 6, 2023

Following the events of the past two years, it is no surprise that we are gravitating toward bright and cheery colors, whether they come from a candy-like palette or are inspired by nature.

Due to this newfound independence, we anticipate an uptick in using warmer, more embracing colors like deep browns, coffee-tinged creams, earthy reds, and terracotta tones. Interior design trends continue to draw influence from nature, but now with deeper, more dramatic colors. Meanwhile, comfort is still a top priority, so greens of all tones stand in for neutrals, and deeper blues provide a soothing presence in our homes.

That said, keep reading to find out which color schemes will be predominant in 2023 living rooms.

 Trending Color Schemes For The Living Room In 2023 

1. Viva Magenta  

The color Viva Magenta was selected by Pantone as their Color of the Year for 2023. As a daring pink, Viva Magenta is defined as fearless. This new shade of red celebrates unbridled happiness and endorses risk-taking and free expression.

According to expert Sarasota house painters, expect to see a lot of this color, as it works well as a striking accent in little doses through decorative items or in more significant amounts through furniture or a statement wall.

2. Green

Green, the pinnacle of eco-friendly design, will be the year’s most popular hue in living rooms. Subtly incorporating green and natural tones, some interior decorators use plants, timber, and terracotta. Some people like more dramatic green designs by pairing green walls with green velvet furniture and accents.

 3. Blue 

People’s desire to incorporate more elements of nature into their living spaces may explain the rising popularity of blue decor. Blue is a soothing color, ideal for meditation and reflection. Since many of us now frequently work from home, this color palette for your living room walls is suitable for focusing on work.

 4. Grey 

Grey is such a neutral and adaptable color that it may serve as the basis for any color scheme. Complementary colors for grey include blues and other shades of grey, while terracotta and burgundy provide excellent contrast and may add a sense of warmth to your living room.

 5. Black 

Although it was a bold choice in interior design, black living rooms were more prevalent in 2023 than the traditional colors of white or cream. Decorating with black requires more forethought than with other colors, and people would always like a matte off-black veering towards graphite grey or paired with a soothing blue.

 6. Teal 

Green-toned blues provide a little more warmth than mid or light-blues; this effect can be amplified by employing burnt orange or shades of red. The color teal pairs nicely with classic woods like mahogany and walnut, making it a smart choice for someone who likes to design with antiques.

 7. Navy Blue 

Keep in mind that softer shades of blue create a more relaxing atmosphere and work well with a broader palette. Use a more intense, opulent blue to add drama to your living room. Ultimately, blue is a refreshing and energizing color that can revitalize any living room space.

 8. Pink 

A skilled designer’s eye is needed when working with pink to prevent the walls from looking too sweet or girly. A suede or wool sofa and a patterned rug provide an elegant setting when placed against walls painted in a soft pink or a deep berry pink.

 9. White 

White is a color that people with kids and pets often dislike yet looks great in a farmhouse-themed living room. White might look cold or too immaculate; to soften its effect, incorporate warmer materials like simple and painted wood and a lush off-white carpet.

 10. Beige 

Beige is the best option on our list if you are looking for a light but soothing color for your living room walls. While light pastels may not be the first colors that come to mind, their welcoming effect is hard to resist.    

 11. Black and White 

This is the only color combination recommended on this list, but it is timeless. Select warmer shades of white and off-black when redecorating your living room with a more traditional or country feel.

 12. Yellow 

Yellow is the brightest option on the list and can be used in more contexts than you might think. Yellows on the cooler end of the spectrum with green undertones seem fresh and zesty. Still, natural materials like wooden furniture, a stone fireplace, and wool carpet in this space keep the vibe from becoming too predominant.

Key Takeaway 

A new era of style and class has emerged. This 2023, it is expected that bright, cheerful colors that tend toward the warmer end of the color wheel will be all the rage. This is because people are becoming more open to using color as a form of self-expression. So, try experimenting with the trendy colors mentioned above to give new life to your living room.

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