Decoding the Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Vehicle

October 30, 2022


Let’s get candid that you want your car to run for a long time, whether it’s new or used. After all, both come at a cost, and you don’t want to invest in something that will soon need a farewell. The good news is you can also play an essential role in increasing its longevity. Anyway, here are some valuable insights on this.

Average car life

When exploring a used or new car, you will want to know about the vehicle’s longevity. Earlier, if a car travelled 160,000 km, you would not prefer to buy it. But improved technology and engineering have changed things. Most modern vehicles have a life expectancy of twelve years or 322,000 km run. Of course, usage and maintenance play a crucial role in this. If you buy a used EV, you can expect it to run for 483,000 km. The experts suggest that this difference in performance can be attributable to EVs powertrains that consist of only a handful of moving parts. Still, this is only one aspect. Multiple variables are there.

Improving or guaranteeing a car’s lifespan

Build quality

Some of the most reliable models are Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. After that, you can consider Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz,Chevrolet, and Ford. But newer controls and manufacturing styles have made them almost at par. Some studies recommend RAM, Nissan, Lexus, and Dodge as they feature higher build quality. No matter what model or make you like the most, you can check a trusted used car dealership Calgary AB for options. Also, you need to understand initial build quality only accounts for average life expectancy. Some manufacturing errors may appear later, and you may not have any control over them. These can also affect your vehicle’s life tremendously.

Hence, it can be a good practice to check the background of a used car and typical manufacturing problems consumers face with a specific model to evaluate your choice. You don’t want to buy a vehicle that may stop functioning after a few uses.

Driving habits

It is another critical variant in this case. A car’s exposure to different driving conditions can lead to significant wear and tear signs depending on whether you abuse or use it. If you are rough with accelerators and drive at high speed most of the time, the vehicle’s engine will be subject to overheating, causing trouble to the driveline and the engine. Due to this, drivetrain components can get massively affected, regardless of what car you drive. A sports car can tolerate this rare situation. If you want it to give you a good service for a long time, pay attention to acceleration, brakes, and speed limit. It doesn’t mean you need to stress aboutoccasional incidents.

Driving environment

Mountain roads with steep slopes can burden the powertrain, your car’s heart. As the name suggests, the powertrain takes care of the performance and power part of the vehicle to give you a smooth driving experience. It consists of a drivetrain, engine, and transmission. An engine converts fuel into energy to help wheels move. The car’s transmission, a connecting link between the drivetrain and the engine, handles how much torque and power to give the wheels. And the drivetrain transfers power to the tires to enable them to move back and ahead. Hence, you can imagine what it means to put this component under stress. Similarly, driving on city roads can require frequent brakes and longer idling. It can affect the engine without even covering distance.

Another thing is winter roads in Canada. Salt and some chemicals help deice them. So, your car may have to deal with these elements. If your car’s underside traps these things, the metal surface and other parts can start to erode faster, causing structural integrity and rust issues. Due to this, the car can give up soon. You can avoid these with proper maintenance and care. Routine jobs like oil and transmission fluid changes, coolant exchanges, belt replacement, a thorough inspection of the different components, tune-ups, and others can increase your vehicle’s lifespan. Some other things may include interior stain prevention, undercarriage maintenance, washing, waxing, etc. Make sure you don’t settle for any low-quality or wrong fuel.

One of the best ways to save stress is to buy your car from a reputable dealership. And this is more relevant for pre-owned vehicles. They will not sell any substandard quality. Their cars would have gone through an intense inspection and reconditioning procedure. While this is crucial, you must also ensure you indulge in careful driving. You cannot do much about road conditions, but your driving habits can be essential. The car can suffer severe damage if you hit a terrible patch too vigorously. For example, the transmission case can develop a crack that later extends into a serious leakage issue midway. Or the transmission can fail. All these can lead to costly repairs. Hence, make sure you are careful.

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