The Language Of Gifts

March 17, 2021

We love gifts. We love sending gifts. We love receiving gifts. Some of us even love choosing gifts. No wonder that gifting is a massive industry. However, it is surprising that most people do not understand what the language of gifts and gifting is?

Without knowing its language, you are bound to make bad choices one time or the other. Only when you understand gifting, its language, and the person you are gifting can you truly give gifts that will have a long-lasting, meaningful and profound impact on its recipients.

Not Materialism 

If you think that those who enjoy gifts too much or are too particular about gifts are materialistic people, that is the first thought you need to correct. The reason why a gift is loved is not necessarily because of its cost. A gift is loved because it shows the person who received it that they are understood, that you know what they want, that you care for them, and that they are worth whatever it cost to bring them their gift.

They are physical symbols of love, affection, and care sent from one to another. 

An expensive gift is not automatically a good one. You cannot buy genuine affection by just throwing your wallet at the person. Neither can you impress anyone with a gift that is not heartfelt? A gift echoes the person’s love and emotions and shows how much the receiver is thought of and cared for.

When To Give Gifts 

Gifts should not be relegated to just being sent around special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Small, everyday gifts form meaningful gestures that show someone how much you care about them. A gift given without any occasion is one that is free from any other intention than to give joy. A gift should be presented with grace.

Choosing The Right Gift 

Choosing the right gift for the right person can be hard for some people. It is especially true if they don’t have the same tastes as you. It is not your fault that gifting is hard. The abundance of choice works against our favor in this case. Too many choices create confusion and doubt in deciding what would be the best. To overcome this difficulty, you can select the presents from oldsouthernbrass, which would let you choose gifts based on your categories.

The best way to choose a gift is by listening. When you listen to someone, truly listen to them, you can hear through their talks what they need, what they like, what they appreciate, and what they want. Giving a gift like this shows the gift receiver that when they talk, they are heard. And that would probably make them realize how important they are to you.

On a planet where there are 1.7 others around, feeling like you are truly heard can make you feel like the whole world. 

If, for some reason, you are not able to figure out anything from listening, or perhaps you are saving those items to be gifted later, and you still need to decide on a gift, then you can use some other methods instead.

You can decide on someone’s gift by using the gifting quiz on The Flower Pot, for example.

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