Wellness Travel: Five Trends That Are Making It Big In 2021

March 17, 2021

After a year of extended lockdowns and working from home, you will want to get a break sooner rather than later. The travel industry is gearing for revival in 2021, but things are not going to be the same. You can expect the wellness theme to emerge strong this year, as getting away will be more about resetting your physical and mental well-being rather than enjoy a holiday on the beach or in the mountains. Before you dust off your travel bags and check the destinations you want to visit, here are the wellness travel trends you should know about:

Extended Breaks At Wellness Retreats 

As travel was on a complete halt in 2020, extended breaks will be a priority for holiday buffs now that travel businesses are opening up. Bookings at wellness retreats are witnessing an uptick, and these accommodations are offering long-stay packages on a budget. You can explore one and avail the benefits of holistic therapies that help with stress management, weight loss, and better sleep. 

Nature Escapes

Even as vaccine rollouts are in full swing, social distancing will continue well into 2021.  Outdoor trips and nature escapes are good options if you want to stay away from crowded beaches and resorts and experience the joys of nature. The best part is that you can take a road trip to a camping site or natural park and curb the risk of infection that runs high with air travel. Thankfully, you have some great venues like green hotels and eco-resorts for your wellness travel bucket list. 

Cannabis Vacations 

If you have relaxation and de-stressing on top of your mind this year, a cannabis vacation is a great alternative to explore. Check the 420-friendly destinations where you can buy your favorite products from a reputed cannabinoids shop without getting into trouble with the law. Know the local regulations about legitimate age, permissible quantities, and consuming it in public, and you are all set to have the most incredible experience. 

Work From Holiday

The work from home arrangement is witnessing a transition to work from holiday this year, as many companies are happy to carry on with remote working for the long haul. Since you need not worry about applying for leave and getting approvals, it is a good time to pack your bags for a couple of months and book a vacation home at a peaceful location. But make sure that you choose a place with reliable internet connectivity.

Family-Friendly Wellness Trips

Wellness holidays are going to be different in 2021. Think beyond solo experiences because your family deserves a break as much as you need now. Plan a wellness break with your spouse, kids, or parents to restore the harmony and balance that have been elusive during the pandemic year. Look for a family-friendly wellness retreat that offers a range of experiences for everyone. Exercising, meditating, or taking a music class together can do wonders for family bonding. 

Wellness travel has a new meaning in 2021, so go ahead and plan a trip that will get your health and well-being on track! 

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