Engagement Ring Options: Diamonds, Rubies, And More

March 17, 2021

So, you have been thinking of popping the question to your lady love. Well, we wish you all the very best as we understand that it would be such a nerve racking time for you. And it is only natural for you to be going over all your options to hunt down the perfect ring that goes with her personality.

With so many styles and types of rings in the market to choose from, it may feel very easy to get flabbergasted. But we are here to help you through all the overwhelmingness. Keep reading as this article is all about the most classic ring choices that have stood the test of time and remained ever popular.


They are a girl’s best friend and have remained the most go to option for a timeless engagement ring. The beauty of a diamond is almost impossible to replicate. Yes, we know that a classic engagement ring is all about solitaire centred around a halo or pave setting. But lately, as questions about their mining and other ethical practices have begun, the trend is gradually shifting to more ecological options. And this kind of a situation makes it perfect for you to look for lab created diamond engagement rings, which are a great alternative. They are the appropriate amalgamation of class, are a great profitable investment and not to forget, look very much like real diamonds.


If you want to go the colored route, then rubies are a great choice. They are known to be the symbol of love and romance and are regarded as one of the most historically important and expensive colored gemstones. The blood red hue makes it a standout in the crowd and looks just wonderful on its own as well within a setting of tiny diamonds. And because of this, it has also been a royal favorite of many dynasties. Apart from love, rubies are said to bring peace, wisdom and health to the wearer. Quite a consideration to go for, if you ask us.


Sapphires have been a cult favorite since ages and this is the reason why many noble families still prefer to go this route even today. Afterall, there is a reason why they have remained a popular jewelry choice for crown jewels all around the world. Although, they are found most naturally in whites and blues, their more rare and costlier peers in shades of yellow and pinks are also meeting a growing demand. If you want to give your fiance something that she will cherish forever, you should definitely think of getting her one of these.


Last but not the least, this one has been a coveted stone of none other than Queen Cleopatra, among a long list of contemporary celebs. It is an extremely luxe stone and is known to have calming powers. The deep green can be altered for a lighter version according to personal taste. They are rare to come by and therefore look stunning and make for the most perfect centerpiece of a beautiful engagement ring.

The Last Word

Getting engaged to the love of your life is only a step ahead in spending the rest of your lives together. And an engagement ring is something which makes the memory and the commemoration of your journey together even more meaningful. Thus, we hope that this article proves helpful to assist you in selecting the most amazing ring ever! 

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