Guide To Long-Distance Relationships And Friendships: Keeping In Touch From A Distance

March 22, 2021

Long-distance relationships and friendships can be lonely and challenging to maintain. Your family members and friends may tell you it will not work out. However, the distance can actually bring you closer and make even the simplest of things amazing. You will cherish holding hands and sharing a meal together much more when you are reunited. 

Before you begin your long-distance journey, make sure you are both on the same page. Are you exclusive? Do you have an idea of what your future looks like together?

Here are a few ways you can make long-distance friendships and relationships work”

Keep In Touch

Technology makes it easier to stay in touch these days. Check up on your loved ones regularly and text them with updates on your life. Try to call them when you are grabbing a coffee or getting ready for work, so they feel like they are part of your day. Small updates often can keep your relationship intimate and strong. 

Send your loved one pictures of your new home, audio recordings of funny things that happened today, or videos of a new restaurant you love. Encourage each other to be honest about how you are finding the long-distance and support each other. 

Send Letters

Sending letters is a great way to show you care. Write a letter to your friend or loved one and include a few photos of the two of you. Make letter-writing your new tradition together!

Sending A Gift

If your loved one’s birthday is coming up, send them a thoughtful gift to celebrate. Use a courier to send your parcel to the states and be delivered to their address quickly and easily. You could send your friend a care package filled with their favorite things if they are feeling homesick and sad. It is important to support your loved one through this momentous life change — living abroad can be tricky!

Visit Them

Visiting a loved one or friend can be costly and is not something that can be done regularly. However, when you get a chance to visit them, plan some fun activities for the two of you and celebrate the occasion. Visit them on your summer holidays and encourage each other to relax and spend some quality time together.

It is essential to always have a goal in mind for your next visit. Long-distance friendships and relationships are much easier to manage when you know when you will next see each other. It gives you something to look forward to. Spend a few evenings planning everything you can do on the trip together. 

If you cannot visit your loved one, spend time together virtually instead. Watch a movie at the same time or play a video game together. Try to share your hobbies, so you have a mutual interest and something to bond over. 

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