Tips for merchandising during Covid-19 as provided by Gary Saitowitz

March 24, 2021

With the decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases, various states, countries, and cities have started loosening their restrictions. State authorities have allowed businesses to resume their functions. However, coronavirus still exists. If people are not careful, they will experience challenging times ahead. There are symptoms of hope. Yet, you have to be very careful. Hence, entrepreneurs who have got the green signal to open up their operations need to be cautious and reasonable in their approach.


You have to implement the merchandising initiatives by keeping everyone safe and thereby boosting your sales and profit. It is very natural for entrepreneurs to feel excited about the new normalcy with so many lockdown months. However, the new normal requires you to be extra cautious with your business operations’ safety precautions.


Essential points provided by Gary Saitowitz for merchandising your brand


Experts suggest that entrepreneurs must be cautious concerning their planning and its execution. You have to keep every aspect of your business under surveillance to not compromise on safety precautions. Apart from this, Gary Saitowitz provides the following points, which you must anticipate in reasonable details


  • Plan your assortments carefully: you have to plan your business operations smartly and keep in mind that it is no longer the same as it was in the pre Coronavirus days. Your approach with assortment planning needs evaluation. Coronavirus has altered every aspect of human life. You have to rethink the plans so that you can execute them with renewed energy. For this, you can make use of the data and thereby carefully plan the merchandising operations.


  • Making the in-demand commodity more accessible: once you have a proper understanding of the products, which are in high demand, dedicate your time and effort to shaping them properly. You have to invest more space for the enormous demand items and display it in multiple avenues. When advertising your business on the digital platform, you have to use catchy and attractive lines and take every opportunity to showcase and diversify your items.


  • Focus on your current subsidy: When you have considerable knowledge about consumer trends and identification of in-demand items, it is time for repositioning the current offerings. For this, you must have a reasonable understanding of the clients and their shopping behavior. Spend time researching the items that you provide to your clients and the demand for each commodity.
  • Promote safety and health: motivating individuals to buy your products starts when you get them through the doors. For doing this, you have to promote safety and health among them and instill confidence in them before they walk in. Sharing your safety and health measures and communicating with clients on digital platforms like social media and emails is crucial.


In addition to this, entrepreneurs must minimize their high-touch displays and freshen up their speed bumps. Use the signage wisely and implement a design that perfectly reveals your business operations. Try to promote awareness among your target customers. It will help you drag more profit for your venture.



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