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March 24, 2021

Skin moles are a common occurrence and usually non-cancerous and benign in nature. It is a kind of growth frequently brown or black in color, present on any part of the skin. They may occur alone or in groups. A skin mole will present itself usually within the first 20 years of life and mostly in the childhood years, although there are certain moles that do not occur until a person is older. By the time someone reaches the adult years 10 – 40 moles may be present on the surface of the skin. Visit the Sundoctors for proper mole check Gold Coast.

How to detect a mole?

A skin mole may change at any time becoming enlarged above the skin or having a change in its color. Sometimes it can have some hair growth. It may also go the opposite way with no color change or totally disappear. Skin mole appears when there is a change in the cells of the skin growing in a group or a cluster instead of covering a more vast area and scattering along the skin surface. Melanocytes, also known as skin cells, responsible for pigmentation of a person’s natural color of skin, can become dark when exposed to sunshine. This normally takes place during pregnancy or in the teen years of a person.

Types of moles

Skin Moles come in a variety of types. There are those that appear as early as birth known as congenital nevi. One person in every hundred will experience this type of mole. Congenital Nevi are the kinds that are likely to change into skin cancer or Melanoma. If you notice a mole on your child you should get it checked if it is larger than 7 millimeters in diameter. This is a symptom of malignancy.

Another type of skin mole is dysplastic nevi, usually larger than the average, has an irregular-shaped appearance to them. The color of such moles has radiations with the dark brown center. They have even edges. Such moles are more likely to be passed down to family members making it hereditary. A person with dysplastic nevi have commonly more than a hundred miles and will also have an increased risk of skin cancer known as Melanoma. These moles should not be taken lightly and can signal a very serious type of skin cancer.

Since it may be trouble for an average person to recognize a skin mole that looks precancerous, it is best to get the advice of the doctor. Any change in appearance would suggest a doctor’s visit. The following are known as the ABCDE’s of cancer –

1.Asymmetric appearance or an unevenness where one side differs from the other side of the mole.

2.Border edges irregular

3.Color – various shades of the white comet and blue Red Brown or black instead of one color.

4.Diameter – a screen mole larger than the head of a pencil.

5.Elevated appearance


Any of such changes must be checked by a Dermatologist for signs of Melanoma or skin cancer. If found to be precancerous or cancerous, then it must be removed. Do not hesitate to follow-up when you notice a skin mole as it may be your life that you are saving.

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