Easy Ways To Update Your Homes Interior Style

March 26, 2021

We all want our homes to look good and be the place we can relax and unwind. But if we are honest, home improvements and renovation work can be time-consuming and costly. For families who are not only time poor but wanting to make improvements on a budget, looking for easy ways to update your home in a short space of time is a top priority.

You can do many little things at the weekend that will help you update your home if you are looking for quick and easy changes you can make.

  • Hang curtains
  • Add rugs
  • Declutter
  • Organize an area of a room
  • Change the lighting
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Add plants
  • Paint a wall
  • Add shelving

If you are looking to make more permanent updates and changes to your home that will add value, then we have some great cost-effective ways you can update your home while still keeping to a budget.


Changing your flooring is a great way to make updates to your home. Whether this is done via replacing the existing carpet or completely changing the floor type you have down either in one room or the whole house.

Preparing for new flooring is relatively simple if you are changing the carpet. The biggest upheaval is moving all of the furniture out of the room to allow for easy access and carpet fitting. The same goes for Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. Cleaning the room to allow you to fit the flooring can be the worst part of the job. Alternatively, more and more people are dedicating themselves to restoring original wooden flooring, which, while it looks amazing once finished, can be a long and arduous process, not to mention time-consuming to get started along with regular upkeep too.


Updating the cabinets in your home has never been easier. If you can afford to replace your kitchen, or there is no reason to replace it, then updating its looks is the next best option.

If your kitchen cabinets are still in great condition, then there are many options you can consider to update them. One such way is to leave the carcass of the kitchen units in place and update the unit’s fascia and doors. 

Another option is to consider vinyl wrapping doors and countertops in a new colour that can completely change your kitchen’s look and style, making it seem like a whole new room. If you prefer not to vinyl wrap cabinets, upcycling by repainting wooden surfaces can be another cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen and give it a whole new look.

Update Fixtures

Look around your home for different fixtures you can change or update. Be it changing over wall hangings or shelving units. Replacing light switches, door handles, adding or removing coving, sconces or picture rails around the room. Add lights to your staircase by using them on steps or underneath cupboards in the kitchen to give extra lighting options.


Getting stuck into your outside space can help you overhaul your home’s curb appeal, and while it makes the exterior of your home a facelift, it can also help you make changes indoor.

Add extra light to your rooms by clearing bushes or overhanging tree branches from around your windows. Natural light to a room can completely transform it. Adding extra room outside as an extension of your home can help you create more space by utilising the space you have outside. Add decking outside patio or sliding doors to extend the room or create an outside eating area.

Lawn care and removing weeds from paved areas can also help to transform your outdoor space, as can updating your colour scheme by painting fences and gates or even restaining your existing decking space.


Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. If you want to make cost-effective changes that will add long term value to your home, then looking at updating the bathroom can help you to do just that.

Choose a design that is clean and fresh. White bathroom suites are timeless and preferable to new buyers should you be considering selling shortly. Walk-in showers are also a good investment if you have space. Reconfigure your bathroom layout to allow you to make the best use of space to accommodate the whole family.

When it comes to home updates, there is always a way you can do more for less money or in less time if you are busy. But considering your options to make sure you are adding value is always a good idea before jumping and making changes to your home.

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