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April 9, 2021


With “Service, Professional, Outstanding, Teamwork, Obtain” centered enterprise culture, SPOTO forms the core value of helping customers, employees and partners succeed. SPOTO have assisted a number of students obtain various IT certifications including AWS certification. 

SPOTO has many AWS training instructors and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional personnel. Our developers and operations teams make full use of AWS-related services and expertise to improve the efficiency of development, operation and maintenance personnel. In order to get candidates prepared for AWS exam spoto, we provide a comprehensive question bank that have the same questions appearing in AWS exam. We also arrange simulated AWS testing for candidates to ensure that their passing rate can reach 100%. Our AWS online courses will teach candidates correct learning methods and give them detailed explanation of relevant questions and experiments. We have made a reasonable and flexible schedule of learning so that every student can keep up with the progress of learning. SPOTO also has many useful tools to get you pass AWS DevOps Certification Exam.

Deployment architecture

Choosing the right deployment tool is not merely conducive to the good operation of applications, but it is also important to improve customers work efficiency and end-users experience. VSTECS will evaluate your actual needs combined with AWS deployed best practices so as to choose a deployment method that suits you the most. Alternative methods include: using CloudFormation templates to code the infrastructure (IaaS), using Elastic Beanstalk for blue/green deployment, rolling upgrade, A/B testing, etc.

Enterprise Tools

VSTECS’ cloud management platform and cost analysis platform emphasize operating customers’ business by integrating their’ AWS environment with their corporate private cloud environment. In the case, customers can easily achieve ITSM integration, data protection and disaster recovery with high-availability in hybrid cloud scenarios, a high level of security, and tools integration such as codeDeplay.

DEVOPS tool chain

When VSTECS is developing and deploying ECSCloud, the abundant functions of AWS help a lot such as reducing the workload. In terms of automated development, we create CodeBuild / CodeDeploy through Identity and Access Management. On the combination with AWS DevOps specifications, EC2 instances are deployed to help enterprises implement the DevOps solution in the hybrid cloud environment. Therefore, the efficiency and reliability of the creation, deployment, and launch of business applications are greatly improved and repetitive operations are reduced so as to unlock IT operation and maintenance productivity. After the plan is carried out, the number of applications put into production can be increased from a few times a week to dozens of times a week. The time spent on going online of 10 machines can be counted by minutes instead of hours, and the frequency of development, testing and environment deployment can be increased from ten more times a week to thousand times a week.

Container strategy

With the widespread use of container technology, VSTECS officially announced that it has cooperated with Mesosphere, an outstanding enterprise in the field of hybrid cloud operating systems from Silicon Valley in the United States, thus it officially becoming the general agent of Mesosphere in China. The two parties will rely on Mesosphere DC/OS (Distributed Cloud Operating System), an operating system for hybrid cloud, to provide users and partners with comprehensive solutions and one-stop services. By virtue of VSTECS’s coverage capabilities in cloud computing accumulation, big data and its online and offline channels, it can help enterprises transform to distributed computing and hybrid cloud computing, realizing digital transformation from traditional business to container management, and enhance their influence in the market of hybrid cloud tools and DevOps tools. For more details you can check spoto club.



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