Five Essential Power Tools Modern-Day Carpenters Need For Their Daily Work

April 12, 2021

Using the right set of equipment is crucial in improving productivity and smoothening the processes regardless of whether you are an amateur or an experienced craftsman. 

In general, investing in good-quality equipment and construction power tools is essential in maintaining good quality work. However, not everyone has a detailed eye for purchasing this equipment and tools essential for their work. 

Carpenters, in general, require power tools and equipment to craft their work with finesse and efficiency. If you are a newbie in carpentry, there are essential power tools you need to get your hands with. 

Here are the best power tools from Makita tools you need to help you become productive and efficient with your work to help you out.


This power tool helps create curved and other decorative cuts of wood, making your design more appealing. Jigsaw is handy for thin wood materials and very efficient with other types of wood as well. It is not entirely for heavy-duty cutting, but rather it is highly useful for decorating and carving wood which is essential for furniture making. It is the go-to power tool for those who want easy and quick cuts for thin wood. However, you need to make sure you have the best jigsaw blades in order for your tool to work at its maximum capacity.

Circular Saw 

Circular saws or circ saws are very versatile power tools that can easily cut down different pieces of wood and thickness. It does not choose grains or lengths of wood. All it does is cut cleanly. It also cuts on plastic. You can make and modify different pieces of furniture using this power tool. 


For those who love to polish or refine their furniture pieces, the sander is the best power tool. Unpolished furniture requires sanding to prepare its surface smoothly for the paint job. Without sanding, the furniture will chalk up the paint, leaving it with an uneven and bubbly finish that is not visually appealing and can ruin the furniture’s entire quality. 

So, sanders are considered an essential power tool to smoothen the surface of a furniture piece and other wood surfaces. You can use the sander on different wood surfaces regardless of whether it is a big flat furniture piece or a piece of expensive artsy furniture packed with intricate details. 


The miter is a type of saw that is efficient in cutting down pieces of wood, requiring a more detailed cut because of its size. If you want the furniture or piece of wood to a precise, clean, and fresh-cut, or you want to mold the edges with a detailed angle, then it is the go-to power tool for you. 

Brad Nailer

Brad Nailers are one of the most favorite power tools for many carpenters for many reasons. If you do not have a brad nailer, maybe this post is already a sign to get one. In general, a brad nailer is a very useful power tool in nailing wood pieces together. It is better than your conventional hammer and nail method, which is very prone to accidents. 

A brad nailer is very useful for those fond of decorating their walls with paintings or adding a layer of wood to their wall. You can choose a brad nailer from Makita tools with different gauges of brad nailer from 16 to 18 gauges depending on your preference. 

Power tools are considered a part of a carpenter or any craftsman’s life. Without them, carpenters and other craftsmen cannot finish their work properly and worse. Their craft does not have the same quality as they expect it to have. So, which of these power tools you want to purchase first? 

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