Idaho’s Tamarack Resort is a Mountain Bike Paradise

April 14, 2021

Across Idaho, you can find plenty of places for mountain biking. One of the best is Tamarack Resort, a family resort on Lake Cascade. Tamarack boasts 45 miles of well-maintained mountain biking trails, with 25 miles of downhill and 20 for cross-country.

Tamarack’s Downhill Mountain Bike Trails

Beginner Level

Tamarack’s nine beginner downhill trails make it easy to get started.

  • Child’s Play is a family-friendly singletrack trail that is accessible by Discovery Chair.
  • Les Mer de Fleurs guides its riders through the mountain’s wildflower meadows on an easy single track.
  • Apollo is a fun, moderately challenging climb. Hikers and trail runners are found of it as well.
  • Paper Boy is a short, fast trail that works well for kids as well as beginners.
  • Pura Vida is a rapid descent through the trees.
  • The Huckleberry Trail is wide and well-maintained, ideal for beginners.
  • Square Loop ends near Tamarack’s restaurants, coffee shops, and shops. Keeps the opportunity to browse open.
  • Lupine is a singletrack trail exclusively for mountain biking.
  • Azulejos is one of the best places to learn with its wide range of terrain and forests, twists, and turns.

Intermediate Level

Four well-planned intermediate trails are offered:

  1. The fast and fun Super G keeps riders coming back for more.
  2. Show Low is a local treasure with a leap that’s perfect for intermediates.
  3. Dirty Blonde trail starts off where Apollo trail leaves off. Dirty Blonde leads you to Serenity Canyon’s best views.
  4. Hockey Mom is for riders who want to take it up a notch.


Expert Level

There’s no better place than Tamarack for experts to develop their skills and senses:

  • Curtains has a gap jump that is sure to raise your heart rate.
  • Hells Canyon features thrilling hills and opportunities for airtime.
  • Hot Shot offers big descents and ladder-gaps.
  • Smokejumper is an expert trail with banking corners, drops, and a crazy steep descent.
  • Hibernator is a trail for advanced riders. It has obstacles like rock jumps and steep hills throughout the course.
  • Exit Stage Right (ESR) boasts a wallride and hard turns.

And, best for only the most advanced:

  • Rockstar contains demanding rock gardens and a vicious drop.
  • Stage Fright takes expert riders directly underneath the Tamarack Express chairlift.

Tamarack’s Cross-Country Mountain Bike Trails

Beginner Level

On cool summer mornings, Tamarack’s beginner cross-country mountain trails are a great way to relax and enjoy the sunrise. The trails directly overlooking Lake Cascade are incredible.

  • Cottage is a gravel trail running north to south. Popular among hikers anddog walkers.
  • Lodge Trail connects Cottage Trail with Redtail, Sanhill, and to the Osprey Meadows Lodge.
  • Eagle Trail is a long, mostly-flat trail linking riders to Tamarack’s more southern trails.
  • Sandhill is a two-way, multi-use trail that’s a favorite among cross-country riders.
  • Upper Blackbird connects with Eagle Trail, Merlin, and Pelican.
  • Lower Blackbird trail intersects with the Sandhill Trail and Eagle Trail.
  • Morel is a multi-use trail that connects the top of Summit Road to Forest Trail 436 and Lower Pinnacle.
  • Pelican offers lake views along a comfortable singletrack.

Intermediate Level

A short cross-country trail at Tamarack is the perfect warm-up for more challenging trails.

  • Lower Creek Song trail starts off with a fun, breezy downhill.
  • Lower Pinnacle routes through scenic homes and communities. Lower Pinnacle joins to Firebird and Merlin.
  • Wild Turkey is a difficult cross-country singletrack with a long climb.
  • Merlin spirals around trees and hills.
  • Gemini is a popular choice with riders practicing technique. It winds through forest, with sharp turns and undulations.
  • CulberaLoca, or “Crazy Snake,” is a gentle trail that turns into a wild one after connecting to Lower Pinnacle.


Expert Level

Tamarack has one black diamond cross-country mountain bike trail, but it’s worth the trip.

  • Firebird sends its riders careening downhill toward Eagle Trail.

Tamarack, a Truly “Full-Service” Resort

There are a number of reasons why Tamarack is the mountain of choice. Tamarack’s season and day tickets allow everyone access, whether they’re a dedicated adrenaline junkie or a seasonal tourist in search of novelty. Tamarack also offers a full stock of rentals and equipment.

The Boundless Pass

With a Tamarack Boundless Pass, individuals and families have all-season access to the lifts, cross-country rentals, skiing, kayaking, and bike riding.

Downhill Packages

Tamarack allows guests to pick either half-day or full-day downhill packages. All packages come with a helmet, a bike, a lift ticket, and protective pads.


Bike and Equipment Rentals

Bike rentals include both cross-country and downhill. Prices vary from bike to bike and the time one chooses to ride. Helmets are required to rent a bike and access the trails.

Mountain biking season is around the corner! With a short drive from Boise, Idaho, Tamarack makes for a great day-long adventure. Tamarack’s well-marked and well-maintained trails are perfect for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. All types love Tamarack’s trails which are open from dawn to dusk.

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