How To Deal With Home Renovations

April 13, 2021

Embarking on a big home project can be exciting, but with it comes a lot of stress, mess, and disruption. If you have young kids at home, then this is an extra thing you have to try and coordinate. 

While you cannot stop all the disruption to your home, there are some things you can do to minimize its impact on your life:

Choose A Contractor You Trust

When your home is undergoing structural renovation, it can cause a lot of noise and stress. By talking to your contractors in advance, you can find out exactly how much time the renovation project is going to take, what the steps are along the way, and when the most amount of disruption is likely to occur. 

A good contractor will be happy to walk you through everything, giving you a realistic idea of everything you can expect. They will also be amenable to working around your needs. For example, if you have very small children, they will arrange to do the particularly noisy parts of the job when they are at school or out of the house. 

Create A Haven

If you are planning to live on-site throughout the entire process, then having your own little space away from the disruption and mess is very important. Relocate your important belongings to space and cordon them off with plastic sheeting to keep out any building dust. 

Be Prepared To Relocate 

In some cases, it might not be possible to stay in your home. If you are having some extensive structural changes made then the water, gas, and power may need to be turned off for safety.

Similarly, if your bathroom and kitchen are going to be out of use, then you cannot stay there. Work out with your contractors when the most disruptive parts of the renovation will be happening and find an alternative place to stay. This could be with family, friends, or a local hotel or rental. It will take you away from the stress of the situation going on at home and might even be a little mini staycation for the kids. 

Try And Remain Calm

There are some people who experience a lot of anxiety when their lives are disrupted. This could be because they are out of routine, or that their environment is changing. It is important that you try and remain calm when the chaos is going on around you. Find things to focus on that you can control and you can divert yourself. Always remind yourself of what the finished product will look like and why you are embarking on this project. If your children are reacting a little differently than you would expect, do not sweep it under the rug, acknowledging their feelings and talking to them about what’s happening. 


When you are living through renovations to your home, it can be difficult to see beyond all of the mess and noise. By trying to minimize the impact on you and your family, you can find the situation much more bearable and before you know it, you’ll have the home you always wanted. 

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