8 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Living Room

April 20, 2021

Your living room is a crucial space to decorate in your house. Besides being a space for you to welcome your guests, it is also an ideal location for relaxing. If you are looking for some ways to decorate this area, here are some tips that may help.

Display Some Antiques

Antiques are a great way to make your living room decoration style appear more lavish or expensive than it is.

Large antique pieces such as wall mirrors, coffee tables, or grandfather clocks can quickly become the focal point in your living room. But that does not diminish the importance of smaller antique pieces.

Smaller antique decoration items can be placed on mantles, coffee tables, and various other surfaces you have in your living room.

Add Shag Rugs

Shag rugs will increase the visual appeal and comfort of your living room. Besides providing some soft comfort when hanging out with your friends and loved ones, a big rug around the sitting area can easily create a focal point.

A shag rug, as an example, would occupy quite an ample amount of space and would make the room seem less bare, even with minimal furnishing.

Add Wall Shelves

Do not forget to decorating ideas vertically. Storage boxes, cupboards, and display cabinets are great furniture choices to add to your living room, but wall shelves work just as well too.

You can display smaller decorative pieces or add some favorite novels onto your wall shelves. If you have many things that you want to display, wall shelves are an excellent place for you to display them so that you can keep your tables and counters free of mess.

Decorate with Artwork

One popular way to make your living room decorations more individualistic is by integrating your favorite artwork into your decoration style.

You can frame artworks of different sizes and dimensions and hang them on the walls in a cloud-like arrangement.

Alternatively, you can also place them as framed photos on coffee tables. Artworks are a great way to bring colors into the room, even if the rest of your living room is more of a minimalistic black-and-white vibe.

Use Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are simple and effective additions to your living room, making your decorating style appear more luxurious than it is.

Having the ability to adjust the light levels also makes your living room more comfortable and easier on the eyes.

As an example, having low light levels in the late evening would make it easier to adjust for nighttime, perfect for right before you head off to sleep.

Grow Houseplants

Houseplants both big and small will make your living room livelier while optimizing the air circulation as well.

Try placing the bigger plants in the corners of your living room, while adding smaller potted plants close to the window areas.

You can also decorate with smaller potted succulents if you prefer smaller-sized plants as well. Succulents are growing increasingly popular as of late, and it is not too surprising given the appearance and size of these plants.

Add Custom Window Treatments

Many people forget to pay attention to the windows and have decorated all other spaces in the living room.

Choose curtains, window shades, or any other types of drapes with colors matching the theme you have in your living room.

Try doing some research into the types of window treatments available. You might be surprised to find out how you can decorate around your windows.

Place Throw Pillows

Make your couches and sofa cozier and more comfortable with soft throw pillows. Your guests will appreciate having something soft to hold while relaxing with you.

And these pillows will also be great for yourself when you want to have a movie marathon night. Aside from throw pillows, you can also add some throw rugs for your couch for the same effect. Opt for soft cushion cases for maximum comfort.




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