Best Places Abroad To Go To As A Student

August 12, 2022

Your student years are an amazing time. There is so much to explore and enjoy, both at the university you are moving to and during the summer months when it is time to go on holiday. Sometimes, you might also be lucky enough to have the chance to study abroad as part of your course. Whether you are moving abroad to study or going abroad on holiday for the summer, we have put together a list of the best places abroad to go to as a student. Whilst you are away, you might be worried about leaving your important, personal belongings behind. This is when it pays off to invest in a secure student storage unit that is convenient to your location.

We will give you an idea of the best places abroad to go to as a student studying in another country as part of their university course over studying in London, and just the top holiday destinations during the summer months.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad brings with it a great opportunity to explore new cultures, learn new languages and to enrichen your life with new experiences. Depending on the university you attend and the type of course you are studying there will be different requirements, including eligibility for a visa and other travel restrictions, so always do your research.

Where are the best places abroad to go to as a student when studying?

  • Australia

Australia is one of those countries that straddles both categories well. A country that has always been a popular destination for students on a gap year or travelling over the summer months, it is also an exciting place to study abroad. There are around 400,000 foreign students in Australia every year, but it is one of the more expensive places to study with annual tuition fees and expenses costing over £30,000 a year. Sydney and Melbourne are amazing cities to live in though, so if you can, make the choice and study abroad in Australia.

  • Canada

The second largest country in the world, Canada is famous for its hospitality, its natural beauty, and the high standards of academia. You should also get into some poutine and maple syrup if you study there! Toronto and Montreal are interesting, multi-cultural cities to live in as a student. French-speaking Canada is completely different to English-speaking Canada too, an experience like no other.

  • France

France is so close to the UK, making it an easy choice for one of the best places abroad to go to as a student. A plane, train, ferry, or car journey gets you to France in a matter of hours. Even though it is only so close, France provides UK students with a chance to experience a different pace and type of life. You will learn a new language, find a high level of cuisine, visit beautiful cities and landmarks, see amazing natural scenery, and take advantage of some of the best university education anywhere in the world.

Going on holiday as a student

You deserve a break during the summer holidays. It has been a tough year of university. It might seem too expensive to go on holiday when you are a student, but you can get away on a budget. There are some amazing countries that you can visit, and we have chosen just a few to get you started. Here are some of the best places abroad to go to as a student during the summer holidays:

  • Interrailing around Europe

What better way to see Europe and travel with friends than interrailing during the summer holiday? Train travel is still pretty cheap across Europe (something we cannot say in the UK!). Traveling across different countries in Europe, staying in hostels and having fun meeting new people and seeing new cultures, is a fantastic way to spend your summer holiday as a student. Many students travel through Germany, Poland, Eastern Europe and the Balkans on trains throughout the summer months. Wherever you want to go, you have the options to though. It is a lot of fun and traveling into a city by train is always interesting because you land in the heart of the city, rather than the outskirts like you do when landing at a budget airline airport.

  • Berlin

One of the great cities of the world, the coolest of the cool, Berlin has everything. The wide boulevards, large open spaces, interesting history and architecture, friendly locals and great food, there is a lot to love about Berlin. Museum Island, the Reichstag Building, Berlin Wall tours and museums and the Holocaust Memorial all tick big cultural boxes, whilst the nightlife in Berlin is insane. Late, late-night parties that go for days at a time. You will LOVE Berlin.

  • Lisbon

If you want the best seafood, Pastel de Nata by the bucketload, city life and beach life all in one, Lisbon is the hip capital of Western Europe that lets you live the best version of your life. Cheap to get to and cheap to visit when compared to other parts of Western Europe, Lisbon is a big city with a small community feel to it. Experience live fado music and visit Belem Tower for sure! And remember to get on one of those famous Lisbon trams.

Wherever you decide are the best places abroad to go to as a student, always have an idea of what you are going to do to look after your belongings whilst you are away. Finding a secure student storage unit will go a long way to putting your mind at ease that your belongings will be safe when you return from your holiday or study period abroad.

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