Types Of HVAC Systems And How They Work

May 3, 2021

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the most important systems installed in homes to create a more conducive and better space for living. They come in multiple different types and you can always find them in different home set-ups, residential and commercial buildings, and just about any building with human beings in it.

Just like the name sounds, HVAC’s main purpose is to make the living environment more comfortable by supporting and maintaining good air circulation and quality in the building. This is through filtration and ventilation to provide great thermal comfort.

Types Of HVAC Systems And How They Work

HVAC Hero provides you multiple options to choose from when it comes to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. The one you choose completely depends on you. Here are some options you can consider checking out;

The Heating And Cooling Split Systems

These are one of the most popular HVAC systems. Just like the name suggests, the system is split into two units; one is for heating while the other one is for cooling. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are easy to recognize. They have a cooling system set on the outside that uses a coil, refrigerant, and compressors. They also have fans used to blow hot air out.

You will also find most of them with heaters, located in the other storage. This heats the house using gas. The unit regulates the temperature of the room and is able to keep it at the desired temperature. Most of them also come with humidifiers and purifiers.

Hybrid Split System

These are, for the most part, similar to the split system unit discussed above, just with a few differences. They are one of the fastest rising systems because they mitigate energy costs hence cost-effectively. They can switch from electric power to gas power quicker and quieter, which makes them more efficient.

Duct Free System (Mini-split)

This is a unique kind of HVAC system, which also requires some big upfront investments and cost, which also comes with huge benefits in the long run. They are used for specific needs and requirements, and applications. They are installed individually in each room, which provides a sense of independent control.

They are usually installed indoors on walls and attached to a compressor outside. This kind of installment is the number one reason why they are super expensive. The fact that they are easy to install and have independent control makes them great for additional buildings and spaces such as garages.

Packaged Heating And Air

This is one of the most niche types of heating and cooling units there are. Like the name suggests, the system is basically a contained/ packaged heating and air system that serves both to heat and cool the building. They are usually installed on the top floor of the building.

They are compact in size, which makes them ideal for smaller spaces, and can be installed indoors if there is no way of placing them outside. They are able and have a great performance, are easy to maintain, and efficient. Their heating power is not as strong as other options and is only, therefore, most suitable in warmer climates.


In conclusion, there are just multiple types of HVAC systems you can find and you can check out the multiple options there are in HVAC Hero. You only get to choose whatever you prefer and are most suitable for our needs and requirements. Factors like cost, the general weather and climate in your area, installations, and the design and size of the house are also things to consider. You can click here to know more about air duct cleaning Las Vegas.


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