The trending jeans which are must have this season 

May 1, 2021

Jeans are the wardrobe staple of every woman and everyone loves wearing jeans. We can never get tired of it. It is the basic must-have of every girl and no matter what fancy clothes we have in our collection, at the end of the day to feel comfortable and stylish in everyday wear we always pick up denim. One can wear it all day every day, unlike other fancy clothes which are event-specific. While talking about denim, how many types of it do you have? There are just so many out there in the market that one cannot resist picking them to have in their jeans collection. They give out the chilled-out, fun, and fashionable vibe effortlessly. If you think jeans are boring, it is anything but that, it is just because you are yet to explore the new trends that emerged in the jeans which would make you look really chic and stylish. Yes, it often happened with girls that they found it difficult to get their hands on the perfect pair of jeans that would accentuate their body and provide that proper fit but once you find what you are looking for, you are all sorted to look voguish and chic with the trending jeans to mix and match and wear it for a casual outing to even special events. 

Mentioned below are all the denim which are trendsetting this year

Boyfriend jeans 

Boyfriend jeans are so in vogue this season that you will get to see a number of girls around you and also celebrities flaunting it. They are so comfortable to wear and they provide that perfect chilled-out off-duty vibe to have on casual day outs, going for movies, and shopping. They are called boyfriend jeans not because they mean wearing your boyfriend’s jeans but due to the fact that it is made to look baggy and loose on girls which the fashion industry named it as boyfriend’s jeans. They are a very good option on hot summer days when one doesn’t want to wear tight jeans, for the girls who have broad thighs which they want to camouflage and in general those who want to try out new styles. Remember for the short girls, they should avoid wearing boyfriend jeans as it might make them look shorter. Try not to wear a baggy top, a crop top or a body-hugging top would look fabulous.  

 Flared jeans

Yes, it is all breezy and flared this season with the flared jeans to bring the retro style back in your wardrobe. Yes, the retro style of having flared bottom pants is back in the jeans where the portion above the knees will remain tight and fitting, and below the knee starts the flare and becomes wider going down. This style looks absolutely classic and it accentuates the figure nicely. It must be teamed up with a white shirt or a bodysuit or a crop top and pair with sneakers for a casual look at pointed heels for special events. Flared jeans can be worn in the daytime as well as for the night get-together and going to the movie with your girls. They look so chic and elevate the style statement. 

 High waist jeans

High waisted jeans have always been in fashion and it is irreplaceable from the list of trending jeans because it is one of the go-to options for every girl when it comes to wearing bralettes and crop tops. It is skin fitting and has a rise above the belly button which accentuates the figure so well we give the lady a perfect shape of the figure and also helps them hide some of the belly fat if they have. For the girls who aren’t comfortable showing their skin wearing a crop top, high-waisted jeans are the perfect option to go with. 

Ripped jeans

Yes, the torn-out jeans are actually the fashion to wear them as it looks fun and stylish and it isn’t a new trend but has been in fashion for quite a few years. To style your casual wear and elevate your style statement, ripped jeans are the go-to option. The rips can be minimal to quite a broad one, from few to many in the front and at the back. There are just so many designs. Pair them with a nice top and heels and you will look really stylish. 

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