Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach: Wellness Tips for College Students in the Pandemic Times

May 10, 2021

COVID-19 has caused severe physical, mental, emotional, and financial challenges. But its impact on kids and college-going students can be unparalleled because of their tender age. While they already have to cope with physical, mental, and hormonal shifts, the pressure of the virus outbreak and associated consequences can be beyond their realm of tolerance and understanding. As such, most of them will be waiting for the end of the semester with finals. With this, the seasonal changes and pandemic fatigue can make them more anxious.

In an attempt to get rid of all the stress of school and the pandemic, they can give in to the temptation of marijuana even without realizing its potential long-term effects. If you are a college student or your kid is in college, there is an urgent need to be conscious of a few choices. For example, alcohol and drugs like marijuana can relieve your stress temporarily. You end up risking yourself for stroke and heart disease, anxiety attacks, paranoia, and more in the long term. Look for healthy means for your wellness and stress relief if you don’t want to get trapped.

Healthy Ways for Stress Management by Benjamin Gordon

Go Outdoors

You can go to a recreation center to unwind and forget about the mental burden caused by classes and pandemic situations. You can go on a walk, jog, or bike ride. Go through all the possible indoor and outdoor options that look attractive. These diversions can be positive for your mind.

Treat Yourself, Be Active

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach says that remaining active is quite vital for physical fitness and better immunity. It can lower the risk of getting infected by the virus. So, if a gym is open, you can go there for a workout. Or, you can join an online yoga class for mental calmness. However, it doesn’t mean you should focus on physical activities all the time. A bit of indulgence is also okay. For example, you can watch a favourite movie online or order a lovely dish. Just make sure you don’t overdo these things.

Stay Connected

The fear of infection, lockdown, and social distancing has reduced the typical ways of human interactions. But you can still reach out to your loved ones quickly through a video call or phone. It can be a good practice to check on your favourite people from time to time. You can feel better and relaxed.

Ask for Help

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? If you cannot find mental peace even after trying everything, you can turn to coping mechanisms for assistance. Look for consultations and therapies. You can even let your parents know if you cannot figure out a solution.

With the arrival of warmer seasons, the days are going to be longer and brighter. You can bask in the blossoms and the freshness for a change. Or find out something else to tackle your stress. Right now, everyone is going through the same phase as you. So, perk yourself up and unwind.



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