Best Brewery Tours In Ireland

May 7, 2021

Plan on finding out the secrets to all the great beers in Ireland this season? How about going on tour. Yes, it is possible to engage in brewery tours in Ireland. And you do not have to be a beer lover to find it interesting, but it does help if there is just enough sitting in your belly.

There are many reasons you love your favorite beer, and it could be more than welcome if you have to find out all the secrets in the brewery process. This is one of the things you will gain when you come on tour.

There is so much knowledge you would acquire that would change how you appreciate your favorite drink. So, without much delays, let us get into all the gist about touring the best breweries in Ireland.

Why Do You Fancy Beer?

It could be that you grew up with parents who also had a passion for the historic drink or you just happen to find the passion on your own during your college days. But one thing is sure, except you are an alcoholic, you always look forward to your next drink with the buddies. And I bet you will be ordering your favorite brew.

How about taking things a bit further and going on a trip across the city with the gang. The mission is simple; to taste what all the Irish breweries have to offer.

For beer lovers, it is not clear what lies behind the passion. Maybe it is because, from the pouring or how the gold settles underneath the simmering white droplets as it is served, you undoubtedly look forward to the first sip. And it will not be long before sips turn to gulps. There are tips here on how to enjoy your favorite beer.

What Is Your Favorite Beer?

It is a tradition that you must have your brand of drink. This is common across all drinking categories and not just for beers. Fancy champagne or brandy, you likely have a brand you like to dig in. And in the case of beer, you surely want to pick one or two to hit the road with. It takes time to be used to the natural ingredients, so you want to take things slow if you are a beginner.

Going On A Beer Tour

It is not like you will be sitting down all day through boring historical stories like you get when you visit the zoo (P.S I am not bashing the zoo; kids need to get their groove on too). It is a different experience hitting the breweries on tour. First, you learn first-hand about the preparation process and expect to taste it right from the source. Is that not something to look forward to?

Unless you do not have pals you like to cruise the city with, you will likely jump at the thought of an exciting alcohol-tasting spree. And that is what it is with many of these brewery tours. You get a legitimate drinking spree that is different from your regular corner street.

Visiting a beer manufacturer can be an excellent way to spend the evening in an unusual manner. Unusually because you still get your regular dose of alcohol. Only this time, it is in a different environment without any restrictions. But there are rules to follow so you do not miss out on all the fun there is to offer.

What To Expect On A Beer Tour?

While you may be looking forward to drinking from the source of your favorite local beer maker, there are other things to expect from your visit to the brewery. There are many reasons why it could be the right leisure experience for you and the gang to seek this season. Not sure what to expect? Below are some of the plus sides to going on a brewery tour in Ireland.

  • Learning Experience

There is a lot to learn when you go on a beer tour. While you surely will get firsthand knowledge of the ingredients used in the making process, other details will make the trip worthwhile. You will find out about the different techniques the plant has to go through to achieve the gold liquid. And if you have any plan of learning how to make homemade beer, it could be the correct exposure to gaining the necessary training.

  • Tasting Experience

You will also be tasting your favorite beer, and this can be a different experience as you get it directly from the source. What is more, is you get to enjoy the unique freshness of taste and feel unlike when it is in the streets. However, you get the same measure of alcohol in the cup, but not so much the fuss. Want to try a beer that tastes better? How about going for a trip to your local brewery to test it directly from the centrifuges.

  • Fun Time

It is no doubt that drinking time is a fun time. And it does not matter whether you are taking lessons at the brewery or on the corner street with the team, having the right drink in front of you is a different kind of excitement. So, strolling through the plant, checking out all the equipment, and sharing the same space with the raw materials and staff could put a difference in how you appreciate the brand.

Finding Brewery Tours In Ireland

It could be as easy as driving through the city, stopping at any brewery you find. But many of them may not be open to the public. So you will have to find those that offer tours to visitors. And you can be sure to find a good number of them in Ireland. The Rye river brewery tour in Ireland is one of the most exciting experiences for beer lovers in the area. And you, too, could lock in an opening this season for you and your gang.

Final Note

You could also use the internet to find out any plant with doors open to the public. And it is a matter of getting in touch with them to schedule a date and time for your visit. You should know that others may charge a fee to enter the facility while some are free to walk in.

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