What Are The Most Important Locations To Visit In Ireland?

July 1, 2022

Are you having a hard time making a list of the most beautiful spots to visit in Ireland? Or just as you are on the verge of going on a mini-vacation, you stop in your tracks. The fear of indecision and not knowing what you will encounter in those locations dawns on you. Sounds familiar? Do not worry, we are here to make your visit to Ireland more fun-filled. Apart from the lovely Irish culture, another perk here is that you get to play different types of casino games. And you can do that with a free welcome bonus no deposit casino Ireland, among other bountiful incentives. Now, let us run through some of these awe-inspiring and coolest places.

A Pint In The Oldest Bar “Sean’s Bar” In The World

Welcome to Ireland. From the appellation credited to Sean’s Bar, you should not be surprised that its history dates back to over 1,000 years. This means that anytime you visit this spot and pull up a chair, you are joining millions of folks that have done the same before. Now, what makes Sean’s Bar in Athlone, Ireland, more interesting? They will pour you a pint of Guinness while chilling on a seat that has been there since 900 AD. There is also a tipple of Irish whiskey and other liquors you can sip while enjoying the bliss of antiquity.

Founded by Luain Mac Luighdeach, the bar started as an inn. And he was famous for guiding travelers and tourists who wanted to cross River Shannon. This explains why the pub earned “The Oldest Public House in Ireland” by the Guinness World Record. Now, the bar’s location — Midlands of Ireland about 70 miles from Dublin — is also perfect for solo travelers. So it is no gainsaying that the bar is situated to satisfy the needs of every category of tourists.

Irish Gambling World

Right now, we believe you should be conversant with the core peculiarities of Ireland. And at the top of that list is gambling. Yes, the Irish identity shares a deep rapport with gambling. And you can capitalize on that relationship to explore the beauty and magnificence of Emerald Isle. You will be amazed at the stunning horse racing events here.

There are many Irish online casinos and we have many factors that influenced their growth. Many people even believed that Ireland’s gambling world was established by the English. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, two circumstances charged up the entire gaming architecture. First was the establishment of horse racing as a legit sport in the territory. Secondly, the re-introduction of the English rule in Ireland. However, the English influence could not regulate the emerging trend.

Fast forward to 1924, there was a 3-year war between the British Forces and IRA. So it was in 1926 when Ireland regained control of its territory that it enacted the 1926 Betting Act. This law empowered Ireland to rule over its land and the Act was used to outsmart illicit sports bookmakers. After that was the Gaming and Lotteries Act. Furthermore, Paddy Power and the Gambling Control Bill of 2013 also helped in finalizing gambling as a lucrative business. Hence, we can agree that gambling is here to stay. And you can target when the major racing events will take place before coming to Ireland.

Riverdance – To See Ireland’s Iconic Dance

Let us take some strolls down memory lane. On April 30, 1994, a song contest called Eurovision gave the world a thrilling 7-minute Irish dance performance. Starring Jean Butler and Michael Flatley, the Riverdance song in Dublin rebranded the Irish dance forever. It was magical. Because of the overwhelming success, the performance’s debut was produced at Dublin’s The Point on February 9, 1995.

It was like a dream when sales of more than 120,000 tickets were recorded in the first 5 weeks of the debut. Since then, the dance has become a household name among the citizenry. Even among tourists and travelers, everyone wants to have an experience of the iconic dance. Since 1995, the Riverdance has been seen live by more than 30 million people in over 500 venues worldwide. It has played in over 11,500 shows, 6 continents, and 48 countries. On TV alone, almost 3.5 billion people have seen the show worldwide.

Ireland’s Most Mysterious Beach “Murder Hole Beach”

If you love beaches, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe you should visit. Oh, lest we forget, you should not allow the scary name rob you of seeing this luxurious sight. However, we should also inform you that itis not easy to access. But the private beach on the Rosguill Peninsula is always worth it.

The beach’s official name is Boyeeghter Beach and it is derived from the Irish Trá Bhá lochtair. That expression means a “strand of the northern (or lower) bay”. It is situated on the north coast of County Donegal in the northern province of Ireland, northwest of Ulster. Once you descend into the beach, you will be welcomed by astonishing caves and rugged cliffs nearby. What a rugged beauty?! And considering the dunes, cliffs, small caves, and hills, the beach is not ideal for swimming.

Poulandrome Portal Tomb – County Clare

Speaking of primordial sites to visit, the Poulandrome Portal Tomb is a force to reckon with. It is a very large portal tomb or dolmen located in the Burren as far back as 4200 BC and 2900 BC. That is, it is over 350 million years old. History also has it that it was constructed by Neolithic farmers. And they chose that spot for rituals or a collective cemetery of their kinsmen.

The scariest but educating part of this site is that almost 33 human remains were found under it. Yeah, that was when it was first excavated in 1986 and 1988. Alongside the remains were some bone objects and diverse precious stones. You can also join thousands of tourists and fun-seekers coming here. Dear reader, seize this moment to catch some fun, relax, and be enlightened.


If you will love to do any or all of these things in Ireland, we will advise you to save this page for future reference. It will also serve as your virtual guide when you arrive in Ireland. On a final note, it is our deepest conviction that you will love Ireland when you get to see all these wonderful sights. Again, this is only a tip of the iceberg of what the Emerald Isle has in stock for you. Let us explore the world together!

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