Why You Should Hike the Danube Bend

July 1, 2022

The Danube Bend is like a jewelry box shaped by nature, with a stunning panorama from several directions. The most popular one is ‘Dobogókő’, but we also have a wonderful view from ‘Prédikálószék’, and we also love what can be seen from ‘Zebegény’. The most favorite one by the locals as well, however, is the panorama of the ‘Julianus-kilátó’ as a lookout tower on the ‘Hegyes-tető’. Not only because of this, the area is interesting, but it is also perfect for hiking and trekking.

Have a wonderful and excellent excursion time and get some experience given by the amazing nature, the Danube Bend (see here). The days are getting longer and longer, and it does not get dark at 4 in the afternoon, so we can take on longer and more strenuous rides. Such as the road to the Hegye-tető, which is also recommended as a good entrance between longer and more difficult hikes.

If we get very tired on the way, the hike can be shortened at several points, so it can be a 7 km hike or even a 12-14 km hike. The point is: if you choose the shortest version, you have to count at least 3-4 hours, if the longer one, of course, more. This is why it is important to have the right equipment. We’d recommend a Deuter backpack, as well as hiking boots.

You can start on the Hegyes-tető from three directions: Zebegény, Törökmező and Nagymaros. We chose the latter and started the tour in the central part of the town, starting from a church near the Nagymaros-Visegrád railway station, following the sign of the National Blue Tour.

The first half of the hike is strenuous because we drive all the way up, in places on stony, rocky ground, and at times the road becomes quite steep. It is worth dressing in layers, because at this stage one gets warmed up very quickly, and if you do not want to feel like you have taken a sauna, you will sometimes have to get rid of a piece of clothing or two to keep yourself warm.

As we approach the edge of Nagymaros in Hungary, the city becomes more and more romantic since the huge change is that the buildings disappear only the wondrous nature remains.

Along the trip, the road signs and densely painted blue signs help you drive forward and keep from moving in the wrong direction in a largely wooded area. The hike, as we warned, is not the easier kind – but not so rough – but on the one hand, the route is well-maintained and on the other hand, the steeper parts are short. And we have not even mentioned the cozy rest areas, some of which have been created on the way, and almost all of them have a beautiful panoramic view. It is also important to know that there is no access to water during the tour, so it is also worth taking a bottle full of water with you. All in all, well worth doing!

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