Four Benefits Of Massage For Pregnant Women Except In Few Cases

May 17, 2021

Massage is an important treatment for the well-being of individuals. Still, if they ignore massage, it will not harm them in a way in which ignorance of massage can harm a pregnant woman. In pregnancy, the body swells, and with the increase in period stiffness of muscles increase which creates difficulty in movement. Pregnancy is a very critical condition because the health of the mother is very important for the health of a child.

Scientific evidence proves that lymphatic massage therapy is beneficial for pregnant women. Lymphatic massage therapy in St Albert improves circulation and provides nutrients and oxygen to the baby. It has also been shown to reduce stress levels and improve sleep habits.

You can have prenatal massage specially designed for pregnant women at Pregnancy Spa London. This massage is different from other types of massage in many ways.

It is necessary to have a pregnant female supported and positioned in the right way because after 20 weeks lying on the back put pressure on the abdomen which restricts blood flow.

Usually lying on the side is a better position for a pregnant lady during the later stages of pregnancy. The massager can support her back, knee, and feet with a pillow.

The most important pregnancy massage technique is effleurage. It is a long gliding stroke used in Swedish massage and it is also used to ease labour pain. If you are used to bearing strong pressure, you will find the massage gentle.

The massage therapist uses deeper pressure on areas that are distant from your belly like neck and shoulder. The massage should be according to your health concerns.

Perks Of Pregnancy Massage

Every pregnancy is unique but the common thing is when every child grows it causes discomfort. Massage can give you relief from the discomfort and other benefits which differ according to pregnancy condition.

1.    Relief From Pain:

When the abdominal grows outside the center of gravity of your body changes to hips. The stress on the muscles can result in neck, shoulder, low back, pelvic, and sciatic nerve pain. Researches have shown that massage is effective for leg and back pain.

2.    Reduction In Swelling:

Swelling is a normal condition in pregnancy. The large concentration of fluid at hands, legs, and feet causes swelling because the growing uterus puts pressure on the veins of a leg. Massage manages the concentration of fluid in these areas.

3.    Relaxed Sleep:

Sleeping problems are very common during pregnancy. The reason behind this is physical discomfort, stress, and anxiety. Massage helps in improving sleep during pregnancy.

4.    Stress Reduction:

A research compared the stress level of pregnant women who received massage and those who do not. Pregnant women who received massage has experienced less stress level and an improved immune system. Another research concluded that massage decrease anxiety, stress, and even the chances of preterm delivery.

When To Avoid Pregnancy Massage?

Despite all these benefits, there are some conditions in which you have to avoid pregnancy massage.

These conditions are:

  • When there is an increased risk of premature delivery.
  • Experiencing high blood pressure.
  • Any issue with a female’s placenta.

Apart from these conditions you are free to enjoy prenatal massage and to avail yourself benefits of it.

How To Enjoy Massage During Pregnancy?

Make sure that your massager is qualified and licensed with this type of massage because it is a matter of life and death for you and your child.

Before your appointment, at Pregnancy Spa London drink excess water because it can cause dehydration. Also, keep hydrating yourself after massage too.

When you arrive for your appointment make sure that the place where you are going to have a massage is clean, the sheet is clean, and the massager must wash his/her hands before starting the massage.


The physical and hormonal changes which a body experience during pregnancy brings discomfort for a pregnant woman. To have a better pregnancy time a massage is important because the stiffness in muscles and swelling makes movement difficult for a pregnant lady.

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