Things You Should Know About Bunions

May 20, 2021

When someone talks about their painful bunions, do you really understand what it is? A lot of people consider bunion as an abnormal growth of bone arising from the joint of their big toe. But on the contrary, they are a structural problem that occurs when the joint of your big toe gets dislocated and starts to shift inside towards the next toe.

The big bump which is the patent of a bunion is the metatarsal causing a knobby region, because of the shift of the joint. The protrusion can commence as small but if left untreated may get big and painful and can also affect your walking or preferable shoe options.

Here are a few things you should know about bunions:

  1. You may have a moderate bunion and be unaware of it: Some bunions are not painful and may go unnoticed. However, with time, the stability of the joint may depreciate and make your bunion painful and noticeable.
  2. You may be hereditarily predisposed to bunions: Though you can take measures to prevent bunions from forming, the truth is that if your elders (parents or grandparents) have suffered from it, you are likely to develop one with time.
  3. Women have higher chances to get bunions: Due to the stylish footwear they don, women have a higher chance of suffering from painful bunions. You can avoid this by using orthotics from Docpods.
  4. You have non-surgical methods to treat bunions: Not every bunion requires surgery. Some bunions can also be treated and the deformity can be corrected with bunion pads, bunion splints, toe brace for bunions, and more. They are helpful in realigning your foot to its normal posture. They are also an efficient treatment to deal with pain.
  5. Surgery can realign your toe to its natural position: In extreme cases, when surgery is the only method to treat a bunion, you should go for it or it may affect the other toes. Surgery corrects the position of your toe and aligns it with the foot.
  6. You can always seek treatment for bunions: Do not wait for your condition to worsen. Seek guidance from an expert podiatrist and know their advice. It will prevent the bunion from getting larger and painful. Lack of treatment may worsen the situation and develop conditions like arthritis or altered gait which can further lead to joint problems and calluses.
  7. You can avoid bunions from getting worse with proper shoe selection: Do not go for pointy-toe shoes. High heels may also change foot mechanics and put more strain on the already malformed joint. Choose roomy-toe shoes if you have bunions.
  8. Muscle spasms are a common sign that your foot mechanics have started to suffer: It is an alert that your muscles are working on stabilizing your unstable foot.
  9. Do generic foot exercise: Simple foot exercises regularly such as pointing and flexing your toes may give you amazing benefits and help in the creation of balanced foot mechanics.
  10. Arch support is helpful for people with bunions: Bunions occur majorly to those with flat feet. Proper alignment of the toe when walking can help you avoid bunion. Toe brace for bunions can prevent a bunion from getting bigger.
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