Tips to break in your newly bought Kilim Shoes

May 20, 2021

With summer tours in its full-swing, a lot of men and women would want to style themselves in kilim through the hot months. Styling yourself to your best may be a challenge when the heat kicks in. So what is kilim and can it be worn in summers? What can you do to easily wear them?

The aim is to kill it in kilim to acknowledge the fabric, its weight as well as color. Though kilim is pure wool, it is no less a warmer option than leather or boat shoes or any kind of sneakers which are popularly worn in summers. The idea is to stay cool and comfortable. You can wear light natural fabric to stay cool. The summer color palette is softer, more vibrant and lighter. The shoes aren’t just meant for your winter style, but they are a perfect summer wear. So, if they are your thing, then you have a plethora of kilim shoes and boots available in the market.

All you need to do is pick the one as per your preference and style and place an order. And once you have received your new kilim, leather boots, then you would surely want to wear them. But you have to face the break in process of a new pair of shoes here. Here are the steps to help you break in your new shoes.

Breaking in your new shoes will not just make them comfier but will enhance the life of your kilim shoes. However, breaking in a new pair of kilim leather shoes can be painful but there is a professional method to do so. According to this method you can easily break in your new leather kilim shoes.

You must be more than happy to break in your new boots gradually. The method includes wearing them for an hour or two at a time over the course of some days. It is suggested to wear thick socks, in the situation if your feet get sore. If you don’t have that much time to break in your new Kilim shoes, then don’t worry. Here is a quick and simple approach that will make you stomp around in your new shoes within minutes.

  • Just put your new leather kilim boots on.
  • Walk around and look out for the pain points.
  • Now take a blow dryer and heat the points of the shoes which were troubling you. You are likely to face discomfort in your heel and toe.
  • After the leather is nice and warm, it will take the shape of your feet as it gets cool.
  • Enjoy good and comfortable wear!

If you wear your kilim boots properly and take good care of them, you can make them more comfortable with time. In order to buy the best Kilim boots and kilim shoes or any other kilim accessory, continue shopping at Little Istanbul. The online store has the best collection of Turkish kilim accessories. Look for stuff of your choice and order now!




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