Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Traveling By Yourself

May 16, 2017

Going on a trip by yourself offers several benefits. It gives you the chance to get to know yourself better, discover your limits, and simply enjoy a whole new world on your own. It does not matter if you will be staying in one of those luxury villa rentals in Barbados or if you are going camping in Montana. With enough planning and preparation, solo travel can be very satisfying.

But before you can actually enjoy the perks of solo travel, you need to be sufficiently prepared. A lot of solo travelers, most especially first-timers, tend to make some mistakes, and this can have a very negative impact on their trip.

Here are the common blunders of solo travelers:

Talking To Strangers

You have to be careful when meeting or engaging with new people. You may not want to confide too much in someone you do not know. On the other hand, you sometimes may be obligated to ask someone for help. For example, if you are lost, then you should not hesitate to ask locals for direction. Just always keep your guard up and never be too trusting.

Failing To Plan

You need to plan well before going on a solo trip, just as you need to do it before traveling with a group. Being on your own is your chance to do everything you want. Do not waste time (during the trip itself) trying to figure out where you want to go.

When making plans, list the things that you want to do alone and those that you would love to do with other travelers that you will meet along the way.

Scheduling Too Many Activities

This is a no-no whether you are traveling alone or with a group. However, avoiding this becomes increasingly more difficult when you are on your own.

Also, do not do this especially on your first and last days of travel. Remember, you are most vulnerable on your first day and most stressed during the last. You do not want to add more inconvenience on those days by scheduling too many activities.

Failing To Stay In Touch

Wherever you are, it is important to keep in touch with at least one of your family members or trusted friends. In case of emergency, it helps that somebody knows the important details about your trip. While you may want to temporarily “stay away” from your family and friends, you should make it a point to give them updates regularly.

Being Too Nice

When in a foreign land, everyone should be nice and polite. But if someone or something bothers you, you should not be afraid to speak up. Do not allow other people to take advantage of you, especially when you are in a foreign place.

Failing To Bring Extra Money

Of course, you already have a set budget, but you should also bring extra money for unexpected events. Should you run out of money, it will be hard for you to survive because you don’t know anyone in this new place.

Meanwhile, take note that you should not overspend to avoid running out of cash during your trip. Arm yourself with enough information about the most affordable places to shop, sleep, or eat.

For a fun and fulfilling solo journey to a new place, you need to arm yourself with information and learn as much as you can about your destination. Along the way, you will meet new people, learn new things, and discover things about yourself that you did not know before. Good luck!

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