Top Five Tips For Traveling To The Beach With Kids

May 16, 2017

Whether you are taking the day to explore the beach at Ocean City, NJ or taking a trip to go camping next to the ocean, beaches are so much fun! It gets interesting when you tag your child along, because he or she gets to enjoy the outdoors, meet new friends, and play in the water and with the dirt.

Kids love water and dirt. Remember when you were growing up and had to sing along to row row row your boat on the fake lakes your parent’s made for you? Was it not amazing? Well, that feeling is the same one, or close to what your child will feel when you take them to the beach. They may not know all the row row row your boat lyrics yet, but, you can help them as you explore the sea. Just knowing that for that day or those few days, he or she can play with water and dirt will make him or her super happy.

So, how do you make it fun for you as you travel with your kid(s) to the beach? How do you prevent a nervous breakdown in the calming sea waters?

Carry Enough Toys

The simplest one, especially when you have a boy or boys is a vehicle toy. Your baby will want to transport sand. Make it happen, make them happy, and relax sipping a cool drink. There are limitless sand and dump trucks on the online marketplace. You will not miss something for your baby. Note that these trucks will carry water, as well keeping your little one preoccupied and less fussy. You should consider other items like shovels and cups for moving their sand with. Also, bring a best camping fan in case the kids get overheated playing with their toys.

Correct Beachwear

Get a rash guard. Your child will roll in the sand and the sun will warm but expose his or her skin to sunburns as well. Sand and the sun have ugly effects. Save your child the trouble and go for a bathing suit with the rash guard. This is the one that looks like a t-shirt.

You child will be safe from the heat for a longer time and you will not have to worry about applying sunscreen every few hours. Sand gets everywhere and results in itchiness. You may also want to look for beach hats that attach to your child’s back. Alongside beachwear carry a water resistant blanket.

Inflatable Baby Pool

For your youngest to stay safe and happy on the beach, get him or her bath toys and an inflatable baby pool. This is the best boredom buster and the fussiness will disappear in minutes. When they are done with the pool, yet still need to stay cool, invest in a tent air conditioner. That way they can get out of the sun and cool down.

Swim Diaper

Did you know that there exists a swim diaper? The difference between this diaper and the usual diaper, is the maximum capacity to hold water. You will have to change it after a few hours, but you will not have to change it too often.


Getting sunburnt poses long term health risks. So, natural sunscreens or sunblocks are a must-carry travel safety item to the beach.

If you are wondering about the difference between the two, sunblocks provide a physical barrier and some are also water-resistant.

On the other hand, sunscreens are the chemical variety, penetrating the skin and protecting the skin against UV rays from within. For kids, sunscreen works best.

To get the most effective and the safest sunscreen on the market, go for natural sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher. Look up online reviews for effectiveness. For safety, check out for approval by a scientific body such as the Food & Drug Administration.

Carry Baby Powder

This is the best thing to have around when heading to the beach. Baby powder makes for easy sand removal. It is also an effective solution against itching from sand.

Finally, plan everything! Get your travel and identification documents, carry enough money, and research beforehand. Remember to carry a snack to the beach, as well as drinking water. You may also want to carry Ziploc and mesh bags to pack your used items in order to keep sand and dirt out of your car and home.

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