These Are the Health Issues You Need to Deal With Before Going On Your Dream Vacation

May 21, 2021

Some people are fortunate enough to go on a once in a lifetime vacation every year, stretching the meaning of once in a lifetime. These world travelers are fortunate beyond measure. Travel is one of the most enriching and mind-expanding activities available to humans. The perspective gained by going places and visiting people you would not normally have access to cannot be duplicated online. There is no equivalent between reading about the most beautiful volcanoes and seeing them in person.

Some people never get to experience the benefits of travel. And others will get to do it only once. That one amazing trip requires a lot of planning and preparation. Much of that preparation has to do with saving lots of money. The last thing you want to do is spend $4,000 on plane tickets for a trip you will not be able to take, because of a nagging health condition. Even if you go, you will not enjoy the trip if your body decides to let you down. Sometimes, life happens and you have to leave early due to something unforeseen. That said, there are a few things you can do during the preparation stage to ensure a healthy and happy trip. Here are three:


If you have substance use disorder, you are not going to enjoy your trip even if you manage to save enough money to go. Too many things will get in the way of you and your family having the time of their lives when any one of those lives is dominated by addiction. 

The good news is you can find help with substance abuse and that help is probably closer than you think. After that long year which shall not be named, we have all had to find ways to cope with the unthinkable. There is no shame in having made a few bad decisions that got away from you. The tragedy would be to do nothing about it when help is readily available. Your family needs you. And you need your family. It makes sense to plan a big vacation to celebrate the dawning of a new day. That is why it is imperative you do all you can to be sure it is a new day without dragging along the baggage of the old one. Call a rehab agent before contacting a travel agent. You will be glad you did.

Skeletal Health

How are your knees? More people are getting knee replacements under age 65 than ever before. It is a growing trend for people in their 40s. The problem is that artificial knees only last about 10 years and people getting the surgeries will live much longer than that, necessitating more invasive surgery down the road. 

Some of these knee problems are caused by arthritis resulting from being overweight. If you have a little arthritis, the best thing you can do for yourself is start the process of losing weight. Also, do not put it off. Arthritis only gets worse and cannot be reversed. Before you go on your dream vacation, get those knees and hips and shoulders and heels taken care of. The last thing you want is to have to sit out all the adventures because you are in too much pain to walk more than a few steps. If minor procedures are in order, don’t wait until after the vacation. Get it done now so you can enjoy your vacation to the full.

Dental Health

That tooth that has been giving you trouble is probably going to have to be pulled. Then again, I am not a dentist. Go see one before your vacation and you might only need a filling. The dentist is the last doctor anyone wants to see. But your dream vacation will be filled with culinary delights that you can’t imagine. And if you do not get that painful tooth dealt with before you go, imagining those culinary delights is all you will be able to do. You have a big appetite for adventure. See the dentist so you will be able to devour every morsel of it.

You have waited this long for your vacation. You might as well wait just a bit longer until you have a chance to get through rehab, get those joints in top condition, and get those cavities filled so that your dream vacation can be all you dreamed it would be.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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