7 Things To Know About Retirement Villages

May 24, 2021

Are you planning to move into real estate as your retirement plan? The government provides incentives to people who move into retirement villages in Queensland. It’s good to start the preparations early to find out the best available retirement home. Skipping the research and preparation stages results in hasty decisions while under duress. Planning leads to better choice-making based on personal preferences. It’s better than leaving the task to other people to do it for you.

How Do You Start Your Search?

Start by having the client record and knowing the client number. Choose the people to aid in your decision-making if you can’t make your own decision. Make a plan to have your affairs in order and carry out your ACAT assessment. 

Have detailed research about retirement homes to gather the information you need. You will also need to do some legwork to access the different retirement options. 

What Should You Look For In A Retirement Home?

Prepare a list of what you must have and another list of the features you want, but you don’t need. Check the different administrators to get a clear list of what you want. Substantiate the differences between the retirement homes available. 

After settling on a possible home:

  1. Visit and study the environmental cleanliness and the relationship between the staff. If the connection is good, it means the team will relate well with the residents.


     2. After the official visit, make a short visit when no one is expecting you.


     3. Voice your concerns and seek expert advice.


     4. Take the retirement contract to a financial advisor or a lawyer before you sign it. 


Check For Hidden Charges


Retirement villages that don’t offer extra services will charge for additional services. The extra costs may include daily newspapers, choice of meals and hairdressing services. These services don’t have a fixed price, and so the prices will vary between the facilities. Don’t allow the administration to hassle or hurry you in making a decision. 


Are Fees Negotiable?


It’s a matter of supply and demand for a facility to be willing to negotiate the fees. 


A retirement home with a long list of clients willing to pay will not engage you in fee negotiations. 


What Government Support Is Available?


The human services department provides information about concession cards, financial data and payments. The social services department will produce an age pension policy. The veteran’s affairs department offers information for ex-armed forces servants. Get data from the health aged care department, and the Queensland government seniors. Consumer affairs and the ASICs money smart are also the centers of interest.


The Vulnerable State Of Seniors In Search For Retirement Options


Seniors are vulnerable when locating retirement homes. Retirement living, residential aged care and accessing the age pension aren’t straightforward discussions. The age care area is very complicated and needs specialized knowledge. As a casual observer, you won’t get the information required. The information must need sourcing and interpret well. It’s a massive task that many seniors get wrong. 


The Importance Of Having A Good Retirement Home

Consider the vibe when choosing a retirement village. Find a community that you will be part of, never make assumptions. You should be free to go to events and take part in different things with the existing residents. 


There are different retirement villages that you can choose from them. Remember, you are their client, and you need to get the best of the service they provide. In case of any complaint, reach out to the government social service department.


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