4 Facts Every Patient Should Know about Suboxone

May 26, 2021

MAT, also known as medication-assisted treatment can be done through different types of medications. However, there is one brand that is the most popular amongst the other medications and that is known as Suboxone. Suboxone is prepared by combining two drugs: naloxone and buprenorphine. These drugs work chemically to reduce the risks of withdrawal symptoms. They also reduce the dependence of patients on opioids in the long-term run. 

But, how does suboxone reduce the addiction to opioids? What are the characteristics of it? Is suboxone the only brand effective for MAT? Does every patient need to take suboxone to recover quickly from opioid addiction? 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 suboxone facts every patient needs to know before they go through MAT medications. 

Suboxone Blocks the Effects of Opioid

Suboxone is one of the most important medications that are used in various medication-assisted treatments (MAT). They are sometimes called ‘opioid antagonists” which is quite the opposite of the ‘opioid agonist”. Some of the famous drugs that are known as the ‘opioid agonists’ are morphine, heroin, and oxycodone. When you use these types of drugs, the drug will activate a pain-blocking receptor inside your brain. This process will alter the perceptions of pain. This effect is known as the ‘opioid effect’. When you choose suboxone as an opioid antagonist for your recovery process, the medication will terminate any negative effects of an opioid in your body. This will help you to reduce symptoms and manage cravings. 

Suboxone is Less Habit-Forming Compared to Methadone

Since 2005, addiction treatment specialists have started prescribing suboxone instead of methadone for medication-assisted treatment. This is because suboxone was created for one purpose only and that is to fight opioid addiction. This is the main reason why suboxone has far lower risks of dependency compared to methadone. However, don’t assume that methadone is bad for MAT treatment. But remember that methadone won’t be able to show extraordinary effectiveness like suboxone. Additionally, many people used to suffer from side effects after using methadone. As per Healthline, suboxone has fewer side effects and tends to be physical instead of mental. 

Suboxone Has Two Forms

Suboxone was designed to make the recovery process faster for patients. It has two forms: a tablet and a sublingual film that dissolves once you put it in your mouth. However, don’t think these methods provide different results. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up receiving the same results. However, tablets are slightly cheaper than sublingual films and many patients feel more discreet while taking tablets. On the other hand, some patients prefer using discreet films as the dose is small and the dissolving process is much quicker. However, you should never take medicines without the proper guidance from Ohio Suboxone Doctors.

Suboxone Is Just a Small Part of the Recovery Process

While medication-assisted treatment is great for patients to reduce addiction, you should use the other elements as well for your recovery purposes. If you take a MAT plan, you’ll receive a combination of medication regimens with regular primary care as well as substance abuse counseling. This will keep in mind and body healthy. 


These are the top 4 facts of suboxone you need to know. Remember that if you’re suffering from drug addiction, suboxone will prove beneficial for you. However, you need to have patience during the recovery process. Every journey is amazing and needs to keep faith in your addiction treatment specialists. 

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