What Is A Strata Managing Agent And What Do They Do?

May 28, 2021

Management of a jointly owned apartment comprising of multiple units is quite an overwhelming task. The challenging part of management can be attributed to the unit owners being preoccupied with other tasks or lack of requisite skills to execute the role effectively. To counter the challenge, owners have opted to delegate the managerial duties to strata managing agents. The strata manager Melbourne agents interchangeably called strata managers depending on the state and territory. In the case of Melbourne, they are referred to as strata managers.

Strata managers have the in-depth knowledge and technical skills to run the strata scheme effectively. The strata managing agents are well-versed in the state-based legislation regarding strata scheme making their services unmatched. The strata managing agents can make an informed decision based on state legislation. In addition to that, the strata management agents involve the lot owners in the decision-making process to achieve a consensus on the right approach to take. Depending on the nature of the managerial duty, the strata managing agents can take onerous responsibilities to relieve the unit owners of their roles.


All strata managing agents must depict high levels of professionalism when dealing with their clients. Professionalism entails a good attitude, behaviour and conduct when dealing with all clients irrespective of race, gender or religion. It is also recommended that all strata managing agents be members of a professional body. The professional body for strata managing agents is Strata Community Association (NSW), which is also affiliated to Strata Community Australia, denoted as NSA, which is a national body for strata managers and community. By strata managing agents being members of such bodies, they are obligated to depict strong ethical standards to their clients. In addition to having work ethics, register strata managing agents are expected to be committed to excellence and satisfy the clients’ needs. Strata managing agents who are members of SCA are expected to keep abreast of any legislation changes by continually making themselves professionally better. The strata managing agents are authorized to oblige to an ethical code of conduct.

Moreover, the complex nature of strata management legislation sets the bar even higher for strata managing agents. The strata managing agent must be well-versed and up to date with the legislation of strata title scheme as it will help significantly reduce inadvertent error.

Duties And Responsibilities Of Strata Managing Agents

Strata managing agents have clearly defined systems and processes that aid them in the strata title scheme’s day-to-day management. some of the strata managing agent’s duties include 

Property Management

A strata manager is supposed to ensure the unit owners are living in a decent apart. This means he or she needs to oversee the repair and maintenance of the various amenities.

Keeping And Updating Records

The strata managing agent should keep up to date record of various documents for at least seven years. Some of the records in the custody of a strata manager include meeting notices, minutes of strata meetings and copies of all correspondences sent to the strata scheme, to mention a few.

Financial Management

It is the responsibility of the strata managing agent to develop financial budgets of the strata scheme. He or she is responsible for checking invoice and ensure timely payment of the dues. 


There are vast compliance procedures involved in a strata scheme. It is essential for the strata manager Melbourne to widely research all compliance certifications such as fire safety and lift needed for the strata property in the specific jurisdiction and ensure its adherence.

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