The Best Time to Visit Croatia – How Can I Hire a Catamaran?

May 31, 2021

In the nautical world, Croatia is considered the most famous place. Many sailors around the globe have been dreaming to visit Croatia for many years due to its incredible atmospheric conditions as well as beautiful coasts. It is home to the biggest truffle in the world. Moreover. Croatia has a huge collection of Neanderthal people’s remains. Among all European countries, the widest range of UNESCO Intangible Goods is available in Croatia.

Before visiting this place, you must be aware of how would you be communicating with the native people. Most of the people (around 80%) in Croatia speak more than one language. Among these, 81% population use English as a second language, 49% of people prefer speaking in German, and 24% population speak Italian.

It is a lovely destination to attract tourists with its ancient civilization, old towns and cities, beautiful beaches, and tasty food items. The overall ratio of crime in Croatia is very low that shows it is a safe place to travel to. People love visiting and hiring a catamaran in Croatia to enjoy vacations.

Best Time to Go to Croatia

It is no doubt a warm place but weather conditions keep on vary throughout the year. According to the regular travelers and native people, the best time for you to go there is between May and June. You can also enjoy your visit over there towards the end of the year i.e., between September and October. In both of these spans, the weather remains both sunny and pleasant at the same time. The native population also takes their vacations in these months.

Between October and March, the region stays quiet and most of the hotels, restaurants, and picnic places remain closed. So, make sure that you do not plan your visit within this duration. In the mild winters, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature in Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Split. The weather becomes rainy in December and people start swimming in May. 

Hiring a Catamaran in Croatia

In offseasons, if you want to hire a catamaran in Croatia, you have to pay around $174 per day. For reservation of a complete week, it may cost you $1224. The catamarans are usually rented by the authorities with a captain.

Can I Hire a Catamaran without Captain?

You can also hire a catamaran without a skipper as per your needs. Hiring a catamaran with a skipper is an ideal deal for you and your family if you want to sit back and enjoy throughout the journey. A captain will be supporting you in sailing your catamaran. If you want to make your visit to Croatia unforgettable, there is a great deal that offers a crewed catamaran. It makes your day memorable and the chef serves you delicious foods and beverages for you and your family. The best moment for you could be when you ask your sailor to teach you how to sail a catamaran.

If you are the one who has a nautical license, you can sail a bareboat as well. If you are in Istria, during your journey, ask your captain to explore Pula and its surroundings. It is a northern coastal city that has 2000 years old civilization and is famous because of its amazing party life. It hosts different festivals and events every year to make your journey memorable.

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