How Can You Grow Your Travelling Instagram Account Organically?

June 7, 2021

Travel industry firms must stay abreast of developments to distinguish out. For example, according to one Facebook podcast, Instagram has a huge impact on the travel business: 70% of travelers share their travel plans using Instagram, 67% use it to discover inspiration for new adventures, and 61% use it to find things to do while traveling.

Instagram has been one of the most major social media platforms for bloggers, thanks to its rapid growth as well as millions of monthly active users. Instagram has become a constant source of motivation for users and bloggers alike when it comes to traveling.

Instagram is among the first places where people use whenever they would like to be enthralled by a holiday destination because it focuses more on photographs and visual material. If you are certain that you will need an Instagram account for any travel blog, stay reading to learn ten among the most effective strategies.

In order to become a successful traveling influencer, you need a strong social media presence, especially on Instagram. So, here we are sharing some of the very useful tips that will help you in growing your account with endless likes and followers.

Start Small

If you cannot afford to travel abroad right now, do not overlook your own neighborhood. Instead, you can look for the place nearby, where several National Parks are within a day’s drive.

Discovering daily trips and small excursions near you is the greatest way to begin, and it also pushes you as a content producer to capture the everyday vistas for you. When anyone travels, they tend to take more shots since it’s simply easier — extend yourself a little by practicing photography at residence.

Find your niche

With several Instagram travel websites to choose from, it’s critical to have a distinct selling point that distinguishes you from the others.

One of the most effective strategies to increase your following is to develop a niche. You gain from much more exact hashtags that make things shorter for those interested in a particular niche to locate you, in addition to appealing to a specialized audience. For example, some tales concentrate on the people they interact with while traveling, fantastic climbs, or even the floors. You are making the most out of your niche if you can have over 800,000 followers by only publishing pictures.

Know When and What to Post

Although your business masters the hashtag due to post timeliness, your brand may well not show up in searches.

Discovering social media monitoring capabilities that help you evaluate your previous posts and discover what worked and what did not is a vital step in increasing your Instagram followers. Certain tools have options for analyzing how well past postings have performed in terms of user engagement. You may also optimize the optimal times to post right down to the hour. Create a monthly publishing calendar with each post’s day, hour, and week. It will assist you in avoiding the publication of duplicate or identical content and tracking engagement for every sort of question.

Social proof

With more and more options on the marketplace, brand confidence and trust are what set your firm apart from the other competitors vying for your target audience’s awareness. Furthermore, when it comes to organizing a trip, tourists look to true social proof to both motivation and reassurance.

Before booking, travelers pay special attention to trustworthiness signals, watch travel vlogs, check customer feedback, and ask for specific suggestions. In fact, 52% of social media users get their vacation ideas directly from their friend’s images. As a result, travel companies must employ social proof on Instagram, which can be accomplished in various methods. To add more credibility, you can also consider buying followers online; you can buy Instagram followers from Leoboost. You will get the most genuine followers so you can garner attention from the more organic users who grow your account exponentially.

Bring something unique and new

We wish to visit the world’s secret gems, which have yet to be recognized and are not overwhelmed by visitors. Several of the greatest ways of doing this are choosing a single location and remaining and exploring there for a long time. Stop planning trips wherein you fly to a different city every other day because then you will only have the opportunity to see the highlights.

Always tag your location

Add geo-tagging to indicate where the photo was taken, which seems quite evident for a trip account. It not only lets visitors know where you are, but it also makes your information more easily accessible. In addition, tagging the destination increases your chances of being included on the location’s Search & Discover page, exposing you to residents, other travelers, and those looking for that area.




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