Martin Polanco gives tips to deal with wellness challenges during COVID-19

June 7, 2021

Employee programs are much more than just a perk in the corporate world during Covid. It serves the need of the hour, which companies are looking into seriously. When the employees have a healthy and supportive workplace, it gives them an impetus to work hard. It is no surprise that most companies these days are spending on wellness initiatives to encourage their workforce. For dealing with employee disengagement and turnover issues, employee loyalty and health has become a valuable resource. It is an asset that can earn you higher returns after the pandemic. By improving the wellness initiatives, you not only take care of your employees but also your firm. Hence, providing them with wellness initiatives is bound to increase your profit margin by at least 40%. Keep in mind that well-being is a broad concept. From financial wellness to physical fitness, it encompasses everything. Therefore, it would help if you explored avenues for navigating the available options to design your wellness program.


Martin Polanco gives employers a list of wellness program challenges


Experts believe that when the employees get introduced to wellness programs, it motivates them further. From nutrition challenges to mindfulness challenges, you target specific aspects of your laborers. Hence, delving deep into each challenge will be beneficial for you:


  • Walking challenge: As the name suggests, walking challenge is a straightforward strategy. It is one of the most well-known and popular fitness challenges for encouraging physical workouts among the workforce. There are various reasons which create the firm foundation of this challenge. It is highly recommended among employees of the corporate world. A lot of researchers reveal the underlying benefits of walking and its relation to physical and mental well-being after COVID-19.


  • Habit building challenge: Healthy habits are the foundation of life. When they cultivate these habits, it gives a boost to their well-being. For example, drinking enough water, getting proper sleep, using the stairs instead of the elevator are healthy habits. Together, these habits make a huge difference to your health. However, keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle requires them to be consistent in their effort.


  • Nutrition challenge: Overall well-being has an integral relation with proper eating. However, addressing this challenge is not that easy. People are prone to fast food and junk food in their work environment. However, you have to look for opportunities to promote healthy eating habits among your employees after the pandemic. By way of nutrition challenges, you may bring in a new approach to your organization. Try to reward their participation and initiative so that you can motivate others as well.


  • Mindfulness challenge: The worldwide pandemic requires people to take mental health seriously. Only paying attention to physical well-being will not do the job. As suggested by Martin Polanco, a proper balance between these two facets is crucial for overall well-being. Hence, as an employer, you must be aware of stresses and burnouts. Try to provide your employees with wellness services through seminars, meditation, counseling sessions, and the like.


The pandemic brings with it various obstacles that need crucial management. When you feel that your workforce is not naturally motivated, you must take the initiative to promote their well-being after Covid-19. If everything goes well, it will get you desirable consequences.


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