Ways suggested by Martin Polanco for taking proper care of your overall health during Covid19

May 12, 2021

While the Covid19 pandemic is the biggest threat, the health issues arising from the measures taken to combat the disease and prevent the spread of infection are no less concerning. It is affecting our mental and physical health in many ways. As people are still struggling to adjust to the restricted lifestyle that entails spending long hours in-home quarantine, they face various health issues primarily related to mental health that affect our overall wellness and wellbeing. 

No one is happy, and it is causing more mental stress. The lack of physical activities only compounds the problem and makes it more challenging to stay fit and healthy by exercising or engaging in other physical activities that can bring some cheer amid the gloom, feels Martin Polanco.  

Eating right and exercising regularly, which are necessary for good health, seems to be a daunting task as anxiety and depression appear to be getting the better of us. As everyone is grappling with the new lifestyle, the information provided in this article should give enough hope as it provides some solutions to the problems.

Martin Polanco emphasizes on Nutrition

Stay away from impulse buying when you are stocking groceries and other food items. Before you start buying, create a plan about what you need by considering what you should eat for good health. Healthy meals should consist of items rich in proteins and other nutrients, starch, and fresh farm produce.  To avoid overstocking, take note of your inventory and plan to buy items that help meet your dietary goals. In addition to canned products and grains, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits should constitute a large part of your buying list. You can store these for a long time, provided your refrigerator can accommodate the quantities you buy. Be careful to avoid saturated fat in canned foods that should also be low on salt and sugar. Have your meals at regular times and avoid craving for food to keep your weight under control.

Focus on fitness

Adhere to your fitness goals by modifying the list of exercises to ensure that you can do it within the limited spaces of your home and preferably without any accessories or resources. Squat, plank, back extensions, pushups, and some other similar exercises are ideal in such conditions. Aerobics is also good as it provides fun and enjoyment. Remember that during the pandemic, it is more important to stay fit than to gain strength. Replace some exercising equipment with some domestic items like wine bottles which are an excellent substitute for weights, and a sturdy chair is ideal for doing step-ups.

Manage stress with good sleep

Stress disturbs sleep patterns, and you must keep stress under control to have a good sleep. The task is not easy during the time when too many stressful elements in the surroundings only increase anxiety and stress. Practicing meditation is one way to calm the mind and control stress to have a good sleep that further relieves stress. Yoga is equally helpful to maintain physical and mental poise.

Above all, practice good hygiene like wearing masks, washing hands frequently with soap or sanitizer, and change your clothes soon on coming home after a trip outside. 

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