The Ultimate Guide To Women’s Dresses

June 8, 2021

When it comes to apparel, it is not enough to just put on nice-looking clothes. You must choose clothes that are beautiful, appropriate, and comfortable. Among all the clothing choices available on the market, dresses such as Maje dresses are undeniably some of the most comfortable pieces to wear.

However, not all dresses are made equal. Because there are different types of dresses to choose from, it might be challenging to choose the right kind of dress for specific occasions. Whether you are looking for a new dress for a special occasion or just want to update your wardrobe, checkout for the ultimate selection of women’s dresses. Their collection features everything from casual day dresses to evening gowns, with styles ranging from timeless classic to edgy contemporary. To make sure you find the ideal dress, here is some important information to consider.

Get the right measurements for your body

When choosing a dress, it is essential to consider your body type to ensure that your outfit is not too tight or loose. Having the correct measurements would allow you to look great while feeling good.

  • Shoulder – Measuring the width of your shoulder is relatively challenging as it is tricky to waver the tape while keeping it intact. It is best to ask help from another person to do this part for you.

You start by having the tip of your shoulder measured at any side and have it around the opposite side until the edge reaches the end of the same shoulder you started with. Keep in mind how the tape should be strictly adjacent to the shoulder to get the correct measurements, including the widest point of your shoulder.

  • Bust – Having a dress that properly fits your bust would allow you to feel relaxed while looking respectable. Before measuring your bust, you should stand up straight so you can measure the fullest part of it.

You can have the proper measurements by having the edge of the tape at the fullest part and wrap it throughout from beneath your shoulders to have it back where you began. To ensure you get the proper measurements, remember not to squish your breasts when running the tape over them.

  • Waist – A truly comfortable dress would allow you to breathe properly without worrying about how you look in your dress. When measuring your waist, you mustn’t pull your stomach in or slouch it out.

Begin measuring your natural waistline located at the slimmest part of your waist above your belly button and below the rib cage. Wrap your tape around your belly and take it back to where you first began.

  • Hips – Measuring your hips involves measuring the whole frame of your buttocks. You may start with having your tape on one side of the hip before taking it from the back towards the opposite side of your hips and take it back to the starting point.

It is essential to do this in front of the mirror to know where the tape is exactly levelled throughout the process.

Utilize the psychology of color

According to an article by The Minds Journal, each color in your wardrobe says a lot about your personality. It is essential that you carefully consider the color of your chosen dress when going on a specific occasion.

For instance, dark colored dresses are generally regarded as more authoritative and formal, while light-colored dresses make the wearer appear more approachable, receptive and friendly. Additionally, bright and vivid colors convey energy and confidence.

Consider the materials of your dress

When choosing the perfect dress, it is not enough that you have the right measurements and the appropriate color. While dresses such as Maje dresses are generally comfortable, it is important to know what your dress is made of.

Common materials are cotton, wool, and a wide variety of fibres are not to be neglected. Choosing your dress based on the type of material is a great determining factor of how comfortable you will be wearing that dress.

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