Types of Sola Wood Boutonnieres

June 7, 2021

Sola wood flowers have become the only option for a gorgeous, affordable, and eco-friendly wedding. These blooms have proven their selves as the most versatile, flexible, and durable option being the part of sola wood bridal bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, floral crowns, and boutonnieres.

What are Boutonnieres?

Boutonnières means ‘’button hole’’!

These are flower decorations worn by men to accent their formal suit or tuxedo attire. Most people don’t wear boutonnière and are frequently perplexed as to where they should be put. This is a perfect accessory for a groom and his groomsmen that make them special and distinguished among all during a wedding event.

How Sola Wood Flowers Make These Special?

As we know sola wood flowers provide us countless reasons to appreciate them as the blooms made of the bark of balsa tree wood or from the root of a marshy plant. These are faux flowers but contribute as a more environment-friendly floral option than the natural blooms.

Wooden boutonnieres are pollen-free and allergen-free floral accessories for weddings and prom nights that can style men gracefully and elegantly. These floral items are a kind of miniature version of the bridal bouquet. Boutonnieres can be a perfect keepsake for grooms to memorize their most special and happiest moments.

Types of Sola Wood Boutonnieres:

There is a variety of designs and styles of boutonnieres available that are unique and wonderful in their making. Mainly boutonnieres are generally of 3 types:

One Flower Sola Wood Boutonnieres:

These are the most popular type of boutonnieres. In these type single flowers as the main focal point accessorized with a bundle of fillers, greenery, or some other accessories. Wedding stylists use a miniature version of wedding theme flower to create these boutonnieres; such for a rose theme wedding they use personalized wooden roses to create boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen.

Two Floral Sola Wood Boutonnieres:

This kind of boutonnieres is composed of a cluster of flowers with some added greenery and fillers. Sometimes there is no need to add anything else with sola wood flowers and they alone complete provide a perfect lavish look that is required.

Filler only’’ Boutonnieres:

These are the most budget-friendly boutonnieres for grooms that are composed of just a few large and small filler tied with twine, ribbon, laces, etc.

Perfect Sola Wood Flowers For a Wedding Boutonniere?

Traditionally, boutonnieres contain the same type of flowers that the bride is carrying in her bridal bouquet. But natural blooms are delicate and every flower cannot adjust to being the part of boutonnieres and at the very least, floral stylists try to use flowers of similar color and style.

The durability and flexibility of sola wood flowers allow grooms to use almost every kind of flower that suits a particular wedding season, style, theme, and budget as part of their boutonniere. In general, the most popular sola wood flower options are personalized wooden roses, orchids, ranunculus, calla lily, tulip, and carnations.


Wood flowers allow wedding stylists to create casual and unique wedding boutonnieres that are differently themed. You can choose from some popular wedding themes such as modern, rustic, garden, vintage, bohemian, romantic, etc. There are several ways to be creative with the wedding theme and, as a result, numerous ways to be creative with the matching boutonnière.

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