How To Use Reverse Image Search in Best Different Ways 

June 10, 2021

There are plenty of SEO tools out there, and many are still being developed every day to boost and improve SEO to know how rewarding it can be in the end. 

Reverse Image Search is also one of those tools that have been developed to add value to how things get done online.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse Image Search is an image search tool that helps users find similar photos online. It is search engine technology that enables its user to upload image files (instead of entering a text-based or voice-based keyword) to obtain relevant results related to the posted image. Results can be displayed taken from different search engines.

Mainly, you can discover everything about an image that interests you, including its sources and where else it is being used through this tool. You must know the importance of quality images in the marketing campaign if you are a marketer.

It can help improve your efforts to make sure you get the best results of every effort you make, especially on images you intend to use. 

Different ways to use it at its best, and it helps the following:                                                  

1.      Helps to ensure that you aren’t duplicating images

 If you are running a blog or a website and you post articles from different sources, then it can help you that you are not using exactly duplicated images so you can save yourself through landing in trouble. Duplicated images and copied content can inevitably cause copyright problems, so by using reverse images, one can avoid such issues. In addition to ensuring that you don’t use duplicate photos, this tool can help you figure out your original images are not being used anywhere else. The results will lead you to decide on the way forward.

2.      Helps improve linkage, so original sources are credited

 Crediting incorrect business for images isn’t an ethical thing for sure. As the marketer, therefore, you get the advantage of the image search tool as a feature to find out who the original image source is. By doing this, you can give credit to the right owners.

3.      Facilitates to track links to your original images

 Backlinks can be very beneficial in any kind of marketing strategy, and the majority of search tool can be utilized to track who links your authentic images and how. You can see how your images are performing so you can decide whether they are working according to your expectations.

4.      Detect Fake accounts

If someone is using your pictures and information on a fake social media account or you think you are a victim of cat fishing, you can easily find it by using Google image search. It will help to keep your reputation clean all the way.

5.      Find different versions of a specific image

Maybe your current version of the image is not performing well? With this tool, you may get more versions belonging to the particular image, whether it means a different format or size or the one not as blurry.

6.      Helps in Identifying

If you have a picture of a place, person, product, or anything you don’t recognize by name, you can use the image search tool. Just upload them, and this tool will help identify those as long as there are identical images or information available online. 

Top Reverse Image Search Tools available for free

1.   Reverse Image search by SmallSeoTools

This is one of the best tools available online which provides the facility of Google Search by image. You can search for reverse images with this tool in 5 ways:

  • By providing image URL
  • By uploading an image
  • By entering a keyword to search related keywords
  • By dragging an image to the required field
  • By pasting a screenshot

Users can also upload the required image directly from Google Drive or from dropbox. This tool provides results from three search engines, Google, Yandex, and Bing, so that users can get the required one.

This reverse image can be accessed by using Just open it up, upload an image, and get related images in results within seconds.

2.   TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye reverse image search is also considered the best tool for image search. Users can find reverse images by uploading the desired image or by pasting the URL of the image available online. This tool basically provides the facility of Google search by image, so it generates those resultant websites having that particular uploaded image or image URL. Users can open up the resultant websites to check further information regarding the image or about the site. This tool provides a complete user manual so the user can check it out in case of any difficulty in its usage. This is available online for free.


This photo search tool is another package of the best features to make an image search. This finest tool allows users to upload an image, enter an image URL, or have a search by just entering the keyword of a related image. 4 search engines provide resultant images for this tool so the user can get any of his choices. The most attractive feature of the tool is that users can do unlimited searches a day without paying a single penny.

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