Are printed t-shirts more popular than normal t-shirts?

June 15, 2021

T-shirts are important wardrobe apparel for both men and women. Especially, in the summer season, which is most of the time harsh, tees help us in keeping cool in the body. Many types of tees are available in the marketplace, be it online or offline. Every purpose requires a different type of T-shirt following the events. It is pretty much a contemporary or modern outfit. However, it is crucial to understand that people can wear tees with different sleeves, necks, patterns, designs or prints. Some of the tees are plain deprived of any such pattern but also stand out due to its lightness and comfort. The same goes for the printed ones as well, but they add to the beauty of any T-shirt a bit more.


Due to the contemporary prints, the youth can relate a lot to the prints of T-shirts. Be it, men or women, the designs are made in a way that attracts people, thereby giving them a valuable message. Now one might wonder, how does a person extract these prints from? The answer is simple – from a computer or a laptop.


The graphic designers are responsible for curating designs and then forward the same to the style or fashion designers. The photos are usually of good quality to prevent them from becoming hazy. It could be either a text, or a logo of any kind and could be an image too. These designs are one of a kind. Could be picked up from a web series or any cartoon character from childhood times.


Since several texts are imprinted on the cloth, the designers can choose the font and writing style of their own to make it look more attractive. Being professionals, they have a unique tool that helps in designing and printing, unlike the conventional ones that are available to everyone. This feature makes it special and out of the box amongst other clothing materials. With time, the prints have gained more popularity amongst the people.


There are certain prominent reasons as to why this business is going to flourish in the upcoming months. Several reports show the statistics that by the year 2025, the business of printed tees is going to spike up with a profit of 10 billion US Dollars. This is a huge hike in the market price for this commodity and also one of the reasons for it to be more popular.


Considering the printed tees rather than the plain T-shirts for regular usage is guided by the primary reason of branding of any kind. What exactly does this mean? We see innumerable small or big clothing lines nowadays. Every brand is trying its best to grab the attention of the common public. However, the only aspect that would make a brand stand out, is the commodity they are selling and how?


A printed T-shirt is more popular than a plain one because of multiple reasons. Firstly, wearing the plain tee might become mundane after a point. Though it never really goes out of style but depends on an individual completely. The printed T-shirts are also economical to get. These aren’t too expensive so people can purchase them without giving them second thoughts.


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