License plates are like valuable art pieces for hobbyists

February 19, 2021

Hobbies can sometimes be quite weird that you perhaps never imagined about, like the hobby of collecting license plates of cars which is quite popular in the US. So many earthly things fascinate people in which they start taking more interest and become so passionate about these objects that they start collecting them. From philatelic stamps to coins to cards, match covers, bottle caps, gramophone disks, and artifacts, many more items that catch collectors’ fancy can turn into a hobby.

Although such passion might seem strange to many, one that might surprise your most is the hobby of collecting license plates.  For the US collectors, the aluminum car registration plates are nothing but works of art that they are ready to pay for owning the most attractive pieces of colorful license plates emblazoned with letters, numeric, and initials in crafty designs.

Collectors know from where to buy old license plates that are authentic and original. Since the American states have their laws about vehicle registration, the number plates vary according to the states. From colors to fonts’ choice to its size and the use of other signs and symbols, car owners can be creative in their ways to create attractive license plates that they proudly display as the vehicle’s distinct identity. Sometimes, the license plates are so unique that it becomes a collector’s pride.

What the collectors look for

The sheer variety of license plates shows the creativity that turns it into small pieces of art, which look like a unique collage of abstract art when assembled against a background like a wall. When choosing license plates, the collectors consider the aesthetic value of license plates and attach a lot of importance to their authenticity.  Authenticity sets apart one license plate from a fake and adds value to it. Collectors are ready to pay a fair price to ensure that they buy attractive and authentic license plates that enrich their collection.


From specialty license plates to vintage license plates and from bulk license plates to vanity license plates, collectors can specialize in any type or prefer to have an assorted collection. Going beyond the artistic considerations, license plate collectors focus on the technicalities too. Some might prefer license plates with letters and numbers embossed on them, while others might like flat license plates but embossed. To add a rustic look and flavor to the collection of license plates, collectors would prefer to hunt for faded and worn-out license plates without compromising their authenticity. Custom license plates can also be designed using a licence plate maker.

Focusing on specific states

The wide variety of license plate designs gives collectors ample opportunity to add some special dimension to their collection by following some themes. You can think about collecting license plates from specific states that become your collection specialty and even lends an identity to your hobby.

For example, some collectors might choose to collect a license from only a dozen selected states and not look beyond it. Again, other collectors could take an interest in collecting license plates from all 50 states.

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