CBD and Anxiety Relief – Does It Work?

June 28, 2021

CBD has been lately in the news! Today, it’s made available at most health food stores. Also, it is evident that CBD producers have found out creative ways to blend it with drinks and foods. According to them, CBD can address and remedy several health problems, which also include anxiety. Is it true? In this article, we are going to find out how much of that claim is real.

Understanding CBD

CBD means cannabidiol! It’s a chemical that is available in the cannabis sativa plants. The other chemical available in these plants is the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is accountable for a high that is generally linked with marijuana. Most, but not every CBD product gets taken from the hemp plants. The percentage of THC in the hemp is low, and it is high in the case of marijuana plants. To know more about it and CBD products, you can check out any online dispensary in Canada.

Recently, it is said that CBD can treat a varied number of medical conditions, that comprises of:

  • Chronic pain
  • Caner
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anxiety
  • Parkinson’s disease

Can CBD help to reduce anxiety?

Presently, it’s not exactly clear the way CBD can help with anxiety. However, there has been research that highlights that it can work in impacting the serotonin levels in the brain. Simply put, serotonin is a chemical in our body that impacts our:

  • Behavior
  • Mood
  • Digestion
  • Sleep

According to research, an increase in serotonin levels can help to address anxiety. There are specific medications, for instance, antidepressants, that can work by monitoring the serotonin levels. And a few studies also suggest that CBD can work like any anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants.

Is CBD enough to combat depression?

There are a few proofs that CBD can help to fight depression. However, the medical community will have to conduct a research or study on humans. More research will help! The researchers think that CBD can treat anxiety and depression by modifying the serotonin levels. You can take CBD with an antidepressant, but you need to take a healthcare provider’s advice.

So, what does the research say about CBD’s role in anxiety reduction?

Today, there have been ample studies pertaining to this. Some of them are:

  • According to a 2011 study, CBD helped minimize discomfort and anxiety during public speaking amongst people with a social anxiety disorder. There was another study in the same year that curbed down anxiety symptoms in many people with the same disorder.
  • In a 2015 review of a total of 49 studies claimed that CBD could help people with panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder as well as PTSD.
  • A 2019 study highlighted the 11 patients who have PTSD had witnessed a reduction in their symptoms after using CBD.
  • Another study in 2019 revealed that CBD helped people with their sleep issues and anxiety. About 70% reported that they had better sleep, and 80% of people attested that their anxiety improved over time.

These studies and their reports suggest the productive use of CBD that helps to combat stress and anxiety. However, if there is more research, it will help people develop better conclusions about CBD and its impact on anxiety.

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