Have fun with others

June 28, 2021

  1. Find a new activity to do with friends. Sometimes it’s a lot funnier to do things in a group. Here are some suggestions for activities you can do with your friends.
  • Play a team sport. A little volleyball or even badminton are sports where you will do your body and soul good.
  • Do cultural activities. To watch free movies and series online you can visit Soap2day or FMovies Go to the theater, visit a museum, etc., then you can exchange your impressions if there are several of you going there.
  • Organize parties. Why not a theme party? Disguised? A meal? A board game night? There is no shortage of ideas.
  • Make yourself a restaurant. A new Indian restaurant has just opened in the neighborhood? Call a few friends to find out if they are tempted. You will enjoy this moment of relaxation by conversing with them.
  • Cook together. Invite friends to share recipes and create new ones. The result can sometimes be funny.
  1. Doing it with your friends can be fun, you will have a great time with them, no matter if you feel comfortable dancing or not. Go to nightclubs, go to organized parties or to a course, the choice is yours. Moving your body and even singing will put you in a good mood, for sure you will have fun!
  • You can take a class in salsa, ballroom dancing, Zumba, see what works best for you.
  1. Spend time with friends who love to have fun and enjoy life. Negative people will make you negative. This is how to spend time with the people who will make you happy.
  • Hang out with adventurous and spontaneous people. These people know how to have fun with everything.
  • Date people who will make you laugh. Laughter … nothing like it to say you had fun.
  • Date positive people. Life is much more exciting with these people.
  1. Laugh and laugh again. You can laugh alone or with friends, through their jokes or through situations you may find yourself in. Read these suggestions for how to laugh more.
  • Watch a funny movie or play with your friends.
  • Play board games where you are guaranteed to laugh, games like “draw is won”.
  • Play word games.
  • Don’t be afraid of ridicule. This is the advantage with friends, they won’t judge you even if you do crazy things. Sing out loud even if you sing out of tune, dance even if you do it like afoot. You will laugh at your nonsense and so will the others.
  1. Be adventurous. Another way to have fun is to go on an adventure. It could be for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Sure, you are spoiled for choice, the world is big.
  • An excursion is a good idea for fun. Bring something to eat, some music (optional), and a map and see where the wind pushes you …
  • Take a walk to the beach or the forest. You will take the air and invite your friends to go with you.
  • Go on vacation. Go shopping in London, party in Barcelona or just move to another city, as you can, the main thing is to have a good time.


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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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