Five Easy Steps To Plan Your Next Adventure

July 5, 2021

Are you ready to step away from your responsibilities for a week or two? Do you have some vacation time that you are looking to use? With a wide variety of destinations, vacation styles and activities that you can choose from, it may feel overwhelming to start planning a trip. If you are feeling overdue for a vacation, here are five simple steps you can take to plan your next adventure:

Establish What You Want To Do

Would you like to head to Alaska on an icy retreat? Do you want to travel to Mexico for a week of ocean views and piña coladas? Or would you rather explore Europe and taste dishes from a variety of cultures? The options are seemingly endless. Take some time to think about what you would like the focus of your trip to be. Some people love to hike, bike, kayak, and explore local terrain on their getaway, and others prefer to relax in a hammock for 7 days. What is it that you want to do on your adventure?

Determine Your Budget

Now that you have an idea of what activities you would like to do, it is time to talk finances. This is a very important step, as you want to know how much money you can reasonably spend when deciding where to go and what to do there. The best value for your money is cruising. This vacation options allows you to eat, drink, explore, sleep, swim and experience high quality entertainment for one price. You can easily do an online search for the best cruises 2022 to explore destinations, activities, and pricing.

Select Who You Want To Go With

This vacation may not be complete without your loving spouse and three kids, or you might want to experience this trip solo. There are an ample number of options for you, however you prefer to vacation.

Choose How You Want To Travel

You know what your ideal adventure looks like, you have determined a budget and you know who is joining you, now it is time to establish how you want to travel. Would you like to fly, drive or sail? This part is important because if you don’t enjoy flying, then cruising may be the best way to take you to your getaway. If you want to drive, then you cannot select destinations abroad. You should also consider how easy or difficult it will be to transport the people that you want to travel with. Choosing a transportation option is the most difficult part of the planning process, as it often plays the biggest role in formatting your trip to stay within budget.

Decide Where You Want To Go

The last step in your planning process is to think about where it is you would like to go. This sounds like it should be the first step in your planning, but it is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of places that can be visited. When you get to this final step, you should have a good idea of your budget, activities, and means of transportation. Things like weather conditions and accessibility play a huge role in selecting potential activities. If your dream vacation involves a glass bottom kayaking tour through a tropical oasis, then Iceland probably is not the place for you. These details allow the destination process to be narrowed down, and hopefully reduce your stress.

These are the first steps that you should take when starting to plan your next adventure. Cruises are the easiest vacation to plan, as they are all inclusive vacations: all you have to do is arrive to the port for departure. Flying is a great way to travel, but keep in mind that you will need to book a hotel, and potentially rent a car. Driving is a timeless bonding experience for most families, but for some parents, it is the farthest thing from relaxation. Regardless of how you prefer to vacation, there is a perfect adventure out there waiting for you to find it.

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