Seven Tips For Parents When Kids Move Out To College In Australia

July 5, 2021

After the summer vacation, parents across the country will be busy helping their teens move into their college dorms. You are probably looking for all the help you can get. Moving can be physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting, so hiring the service of removalists is in demand and preferred nowadays. If you are one of those who struggle to prepare for the big move, here are some parenting tips for the big freshman move for a hassle-free time packing:

1. Know if delivery and pick up is available for store-bought items in the area.

Ordering online and having it picked up and delivered can help save on baggage fees if you are moving your child to their college dorm. Remember to inquire and search for local shops that accept online transactions and have an available delivery service within your child’s college location. Delivery services guarantee you and your kid to be stress-free during the freshman move. 

Also, if buying new furniture and fixtures is too expensive, furniture removalists can assist in moving your child’s things to their college dorm. Cheap removalists are the best option for parents with a very tight budget. Local man with a van services might also be an option.

2. Moving should be as easy as possible.

Many college dormitories do not have accessible elevators which forces you to use the stairs. This makes it harder for you and your kid to settle in and transfer the items. It is highly suggested to avoid filling the box with too many things or else it would be too heavy for you to lift. Remember, you are the one doing the most lifting during this process unless you hire a removalist to do it for you.

Also, bringing your wheeled bins or a dolly will assist you in your moving process. Many schools supply these items but there is no guarantee that one will be readily available in your child’s college.

3. Get ready to spend extra money. 

After moving and unpacking, prepare for a shopping excursion as there is no guarantee that your kid has packed everything he/she will be needing. Before shopping, make sure to procure a list of dorm rules. Doing this would help you be aware of which items are allowed in your child’s college dormitory. It might be exhausting after moving but buying the needed items would help your child settle in quicker. 

4. Make sure to pack food.

The process of helping your teen move to their college can be tedious, and while planning to have lunch and explore the campus together is sweet, it might be impossible to do so as your child needs to continue settling in by unpacking and fixing their dorm room. So, packing a ready-to-eat lunch will be easier and would allow them to continue working throughout the day. Plus, packing food can help lessen the expenses of the entire moving process. 

5. Research and understand health care providers.

Before settling your child in their college dorm, make sure to explain your insurance coverage and the best options to your kid. This is to avoid any mishaps during unprecedented emergencies while they are away from home. It is best to inquire or research various healthcare providers and see which is nearer and best suited for you and your child.  

If there is a need to change or update your insurance coverage, then change it ahead of time. It is much better to do it earlier than the scheduled date of your child moving out to college. As a parent, it is your job to prioritize the health and safety of your children, and planning could help them prepare when they start living in their college dorms. 

6. Always go for a national bank.

Consider choosing a reliable national bank for your child’s student banking for you to gain access to your child’s account and help them manage their finances. It is also easy to send money for expenses from a distance. Through a quick and easy deposit, your child can seamlessly enjoy their college life without financial stress. Also, you can keep track of their finances while they are studying in college. In this manner, your child’s expenses are transparent and monitored regularly.  

However, make sure to check if national bank branches, as well as their ATMs, are available within the location of your child’s college. Otherwise, check for other banks that offer similar features as national banks. 

7. Do not be too hard on yourself.

As a parent, helping your child move out of your house to enter college is challenging both emotionally and physically. However, it is best to show your child some support as they might be experiencing similar anxieties, and seeing you break down would not help their emotional state of mind. Constantly encourage them to share what they are looking forward to upon entering college while consoling them of their doubts about living alone. Remember to relax and do not be too hard on yourself in order to refrain your child from worrying too much. It is a natural thing to have them leave the nest and learn to fly on their own. 

Regardless of being prepared for the moving date, seeing your child leave the house can be pretty stressful, which is why moving companies are still requested mainly by parents or movers. The extra help could lessen the emotional and physical baggage in assisting your child in moving out for college.  


Seeing your child advance to the next stage of their life can be overwhelming, especially that as a parent you have seen them grow from just a small child going to school and fetching them after their classes have finished. Now, they are grown-ups who are independent and will not be seeing you for a long period.

In this case, your child moving away to pursue their tertiary education will mean you need to give your best effort to ensure that their academic experience will flow smoothly. So, to help you and your child in this significant part of their life, availing the services of the best interstate removalists in Perth, Sydney, or wherever you are in the country can make the moving process much easier.  

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