Gratitude Can Benefit Your Disturbed Mind During the Pandemic – JoePatRoopShares the Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

July 7, 2021

Have you become more fearful and skeptical than usual? Do you fail to believe in yourself? Are you more stressed and tensed than ever? Does your body feel heavier? If yes, you aren’t the only one. Most people around the globe have been feeling sad, tensed, nervous, less confident, and sluggish over the past year. It is precisely what the pandemic outbreak has done to our minds. And it’s time to remedy the same.

It’s here that JoePatRoop talks about the power and the benefits of practicing gratitude. Several pieces of the researchhighlight that gratitude is a potent way to boost happiness. It can also help people during the pandemic. The following pointers will prove helpful:

  1. Gratitude makes us happier

It’s one section most researchers harp on, and it has good outcomes. Today, several holistic consultants and authors have found that gratitude can bring down feelings of sadness and instill happy thoughts. Gratitude can also bring down negative emotions, such as regret and resentment.

It’s a fact that when you are feeling grateful, you can’t feel depressed or negative. Hence, when you practice gratitude daily, you will have more to thank for, and it will boost your mental health.

  1. It brings down stress

Gratitude can help people regulate their emotions better, and that plays an essential part in stress management. In recent times, people have witnessed fluctuating heart rates because of stress and anxiety. Gratitude can stabilize heart rates by making a person feel calmer and in control of their emotions.

Hence, if you suddenly feel stressed or overwhelmed with all that is happening around you, try and practice gratitude. Count all the good things that you have, and it will help you to reduce your stress. It might seem challenging at first, but you will improve with practice.

  1. It enhances self-esteem

When we think about things that we are thankful for, it makes us feel better. According to a 2014 study that got published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, stated that athletes who practiced gratitude had more self-esteem. Also, grateful people usually appreciate other’s accomplishments.

Hence, during pandemic times, it is essential to appreciate the good things rather than getting into a comparison mode. It helps in increasing a feel-good factor about life.

  1. It enhances physical health

It’s found that people who practice daily gratitude exercise often and also get their regular check-ups. And these are the people who has lesser pains and aches in the body. Usually, people who practice gratitude feel healthier in comparison to the ones who don’t practice gratitude. The pandemic stress can result in hormonal imbalances and minor to major physical discomforts. When you start to feel good, you lessen stress which improves your physical health as well.

When we identify the things for which we are grateful, we can value more things. It boosts both mental and physical health. And it ensures that we focus on the positive even amidst the turbulent times.




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