Capturing One-Of-A-Kind Moments With Your Family

September 20, 2018

We all need to travel with our families and have a good time. The global community became much smaller as communication and transportation transitioned into the digital era. People do not just go to the travel destinations that used to be heavily advertised by local governments, airlines, hotel industries, and tourist agencies. With advanced search engines and online maps, you can now research with your family to identify the truly breathtaking places to visit. However, despite the access to a lot of information, technology is fast taking away our precious awareness in taking beautiful photographs thanks to digital camera phones.

Camera phones are great for capturing selfies and your other day-to-day activities. They are also great for use with amateur photographers and the quality is usually just that: amateur photos. To get professional and superb photos of you and your family relishing the good times during your travels, you will need to hire expensive photographers who understand what apertures and focal lengths mean. Alternatively, you could save money by learning these things yourself.

What is Focal Length?

If you are not knowledgeable about cameras, you might wonder what is focal length. Focal length is a photography terminology that is used to describe the lens of a camera. Remember that camera lenses determine the focus with which cameras capture moments? While short focal lengths are great for taking wide images from short distances, long focal lengths excellent for capturing narrow images from long distances. You must choose what scope of an image you would like to capture, and adjust your camera’s focal length accordingly to achieve impeccable clarity in capturing each and every detail that makes that moment powerful and compelling. How would most people know this, however, when most of them have never interacted with cameras, but they heavily rely on camera phones to take images and store memories?

The Bottom Line Before the Photography Tips

Smartphones feature digital cameras that automatically adjust their apertures and small-range focal lengths. They are merely not powerful enough to do what good cameras can do. Therefore, you need to get yourself a great camera with rechargeable batteries that do not run low and out of charge as quickly as smartphones do. What usually happens, is you are on your vacation having a great time when your phone drains out all of its energy and shuts down. When it does, your camera should be left functional and capable of lasting a whole lot longer to obtain the most captivating moments.

Cameras function differently depending on build design and there is a wide variety of lenses that are compatible with regular digital cameras. Depending on the reason behind your photography, you should have lenses that are adapted to the particular requirements of the work. That is why it is always good to consult people who are skilled in photography. Alternatively, you can consult the internet. The internet is the best option, because it will not make your learning experience awkward; other people have the potential to do that. In doing so, you will find plenty of comprehensive lens guides for brands such as Sony, Nikon, and Fuji on popular photography websites such as Shotkit. Your traveling should put you in a position where you will need to keep adjusting your focal length to capture different shots and scopes in different details. Perhaps, you will need all of the following lens types, but just choosing to work with three types covering different scopes is more than just good enough:

• Prime lens

• All-in-one lens

• Zoom lens

• Portrait lens

• Telephoto lens with long focal length

• Wide-angle lens with short focal length

Taking images with lenses that have very short focal lengths can distort images thus making them appear fish-eyed. You must take care not to ruin your image quality and that is why you should adjust your camera’s aperture, move back slightly, adjust the position of your target or slightly increase the camera’s focal length in such cases. The best thing about short focal lengths is that they increase the focus on images and accentuate the aesthetic appeal and details of your image. You can use such wide-angle lenses to flaunt any jewelry or curio artifacts that you come across during the travels.

• Normal lens.

The lenses that have normal focal lengths simply capture images with the same focus and clarity of human eyes. What you see, in the case of normal focal lengths, is exactly what you get.

These few tips will not make you a pro, but can help you be more confident with your camera. Then, when the time comes, you can make those flight reservations, pack your bags, and grab the family to go on a vacation of your lives. Go with knowledge about your camera and you will have great pictures to cherish after the trip is just a memory.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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