Why Is Oak Flooring Still Popular In House Making?

July 13, 2021

Oak is one of the strongest constraints of hardwood, it is used for different making of furniture, home decorations, and other utilities apart from the floor work. In recent times, the use of the oak is reducing due to the lack of availability and increase in prices of the wood. The lack of availability has given rise to different kinds of similar planks with textures that will provide the same ambiance.



Advantages Of Oak Flooring:


Strong Oak Flooring

The strong bonding of the oak is due to the compact constrictions of the fiber-forming the hardwood. It is best for the floorings, while the strength resists from damages such as breaking or weakening of the floor for years. In the old houses made of wood are designed with such oak flooring and you can still find the strength of the fibers that have enabled it last for more than two centuries or more. 


Low Maintenance

Almost no maintenance is necessary unless any damages due to moisture or breaking of the materials occur. The cost of maintenance is less, and you can use your oak floor for many years. Even you can laminate your floor to keep it protected from moisture and water.



Oak floors have a timeless value. The uses of oak have been the most preferred, due to the attractiveness and the durability of the wood. Dry hardwood has always been the everlasting product that is applicable for ages.



The oak flooring is comfortable in both summer and winter as you will feel less hot in summer and the house turns warm during winter. The hardwood has been a natural way to prevent from extreme heat and cold. They are eco-friendly and they do not have any toxic material. So you can use them to sustain energy and save the planet.



Cleaning of the wooden flooring is easy; the dust and dirt can be removed by the use of wet cloth wiping it regularly. It is hygienic as cleaning is easy, and you can easily remove the stains or dust from the floor with ease.



When you look into the ambiance of the space with the oak flooring, you will feel the aesthetic value. It is the natural textural appearance that provides a lucrative interior. 


Altogether the oak floor has great importance due to the respective features. Therefore, it is timeless beauty as an addition to space.



Difference Between Maple And Oak Flooring


  • Both maple and oak wood planks are applicable in floorings, but it has been seen that each one has its respective values. Oak is durable than maple and you can last more than 50 years.


  • Those who want a dark color appearance should opt for the oak while maple grains are a light color, the texture of the wood is less dark. Depending on the type of color you should choose the wood. 


  • But when we consider staining of the maple woods, it is carried out in the factories to develop a clear visible natural texture of the wood. But the hardwood is naturally stained and can be dried, smoothened to lay in the house floorings.


  • Artificially the maple woods with the UV color technology are changed into different colors or stains. For innovative appearances prefer maple wood. But for the dark textured aesthetics, the oak wood flooring is used in the houses. 


The oak made flooring is used in different external surfaces varying from the decks outside to the basements floorings. But due to the instability, the maple wood is not selected in the external or damp areas.

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