Tips for moms that ensure a fun-filled and worry-free day at the beach.

July 22, 2021

A day at the beach can be a fun-filled experience for the whole family. However as a mom it can be a bit challenging. After all, your family relies on you to keep them entertained and fed. As a parent you also think about their safety from sun exposure, as well as the sea creatures lying or crawling on the sand.

You may also be concerned that having your baby or toddler with you could make the day a little less relaxing. Since babies and toddlers have different needs there are different considerations that you need to prepare for. However with careful planning you too can enjoy the day worry-free and be a bit more relaxed.

Since planning is the key, we have some simple tips on how to plan your family beach day with your little one!

Simple tips for moms to make the most of the day

It’s always good to plan for a day at the beach whether you are going alone or with a group. After all, once you find that perfect spot, you do not want to leave it because you forgot to pack sunscreen or water. When there is a baby on board, attention to details is a must. See below for some simple tips to ensure a fun-filled and stress free day!

  1. Beach bag essentials

Before you leave for the beach, make sure you do not forget to put the essentials in your beach bag- Swimwear, some extra towels, baby swim diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, a set of spare clothing for the little fellow, and definitely, sunglasses.

2. Sunscreen is a must

Are you hitting the beach without putting on sunscreen? A big no-no! Remember to apply sunscreen on your baby before hitting the seashores.

3. Keep a beach umbrella handy

Summertime at the beach can be a little harsh for your sweetie. So, carry a beach umbrella that will keep your baby off the direct heat.

4 . Keep it cool

Make sure you keep your baby comfortable, even when it becomes too hot. Your baby can be sensitive to extreme heat, so carry a small fan or maybe a cooler with you to keep the little one’s body temperature moderate.

5. Arrive early to choose a suitable shot

Try to avoid direct sunshine and select a relatively shady spot for your kids. If needed, start early from the house. Or, you can also try and make it early to the beach and grab a suitable spot before it gets too crowded.


6. Kiddie pools for the kids

Playing by the seashore seems fine, but your baby is too small to swim in the water.  So instead, carry a baby pool. Blow it up, add some seawater and stack it up with some toys for your baby to enjoy the splash. If you can bring two, then the extra one makes a great sandbox as well!

7. Do not forget the beach Blanket

A beach blanket is a must, especially when babies are around, after all you do not want your baby sitting on the hot sand. A beach blanket will help keep the sand away from your baby’s skin as well as keep all of your essentials sand free. Try using a blanket made from material that is sand resistant. It can be folded and easily fitted into your beach bag.

8. Carry Life vests to be on the safer side

When you’re going to the beach, your kids will likely want to swim in the ocean. So, carry life vests for the kids to keep them safe from drowning. You never know when there will be unexpected strong wave.

9. Stay hydrated

Summertime at the beach can make you lose hydration quickly. Stock up enough water and juice. Make sure your kids stay hydrated by giving them some liquid at regular intervals.

Let’s Put it All Together

  So mothers, fear no longer! Envision yourself laying on the warm sand  while the ocean hits your toes, with a refreshing fruity drink in your hand, with you little one close by your side.

Beach day with your family can be fun and relaxing if you plan properly. So put on your favorite swimsuit, fill up your beach bag, and head to the beach.

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