Is It Safe to Use Tinted Lip Balms?

July 15, 2021


Ever wondered why match your cosmetics to your skin tone, to get the right makeup? And if that is not the same with your lip care products, such as lip balms, the whole effect of your makeup comes crashing down. Tinted lip balms are just the right ones to consider when choosing moisture, protection and remedy for discolouration of lips. The tinted lip balm does not pass as mere translucent petroleum jelly. They have added colours for the complexion needs of various lip kinds. Do not mistake that every pink lip balm  is suitable for you.

Tinted lip balms come in many hues and shades to encase your lips, in the right match for better experience complimentary to your makeup or facial tone. Moisture in the lip is preserved for not letting them dry out, get chapped and infested with lines. It is time to change your lip balm if you did not consider the tinted lip balms, over the usual petroleum jelly and widely used pink shade lip balms. Why go for a single hue, when you know that your lips are unique?

Tinted Lip Balms and Their Hues

  1. Tinted lip balms are a great substitute of the usual solid colour lipsticks.
  2. They give a slight tinge of colour to your lips, additionally caring for them.
  3. These are usually safe, but care must be taken when it comes to pregnant ladies. Zinc oxide,  titanium dioxide and sunscreens, skin protectants in any lip balm as such, need to be used with caution and avoided when pregnant.
  4. Vegan lip balms, organic lip balms and so on should be your priority, if you got weak immunity or the carrying and nursing days.
  5. Beeswax, Shea butter, cucumber, aloe vera, mint and such ingredients must be your focus, along with being alert on synthetic ones. 
  6. Every lip balm has a shelf life, adherence to it could save you from product expiry troubles.

So readers make sure, that you go for tinted lip balms only when you are not expecting good news, along with an eye on the contents of your favourite colours in lip balms. Tainted lip balms are a hit when lip care and makeup compatibility is concerned. They do not project your lips like the very evident lipstick hues. Lips look cute, moist and pouting with these balms.

SPF enabled tinted lip balms of varying numbers, are available for the lip protection from harmful sun rays. These are also enhanced with flavours and slight fragrance for feel good vibes. They last longer with their moisturizing agents, looking good on your lips, with that touch of hue. For more bright colour, you can apply them over the previous layer. In  sticks which are affordable and  attractive, these are manageable and easily pocketable.

It is preferable to choose the right hue and content, before going for any tinted lip balm. This has consequences when connected to makeup looking awesome or missing the mark.

Necessity to Use Lip Balms?

Lip balms have this greasy content to save your lips from dehydration, shrinking with lines and chapped outer layers. The changing weather conditions take toll on your soft lip texture. Your lips are unprotected, compared to any other skin surface on your body. They are very much vulnerable to wear and tear, be it through foreign particles, heat and chill conditions.

The right way to use your tinted lip balm is 

  1. Wash your lips to clean its surface and pat them with a clean dry towel.
  2. Now exfoliate your lips regularly, before throwing your hands on lipsticks or lip balms. Lip exfoliation is important to follow for removing the oily layer, residues of prior balm layers and lipstick hues. 
  3. Now wash the exfoliant paste away after 5-10 minutes. Pat the lips dry.
  4. Now apply your tinted lip balm onto the lips. You just got the right tinge of colour on your lips with the nourishment of vitamins, and hydration of sleek moisture.

These steps are the ideal ones to follow on a regular basis, while applying lip balms. Sometimes, the customers skip this and it affects the appearance and health of their lips. Regarding lip exfoliation, it must be done slowly. Agitated exfoliation will harm your lips. The lip exfoliation gels are available to choose from. This is a very hygienic practice to keep up with.

For unravelled softness, smooth lips of lively colours, amongst which pink is just another option; use the tinted lip balms. They rescue your lips from looking sick and enjoy their varied colours to suit your style each day.

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