Flooring Fails: Steps And Tips To Remove Epoxy Coating Gone Bad

July 15, 2021

Many resources that you can stumble upon will show you epoxy 101. As if epoxy floor removal is like magic that happens in just a snap. But wait before you proceed. You might want to consider first and ask, what if epoxy turns out bad? Can you remove epoxy from concrete, and how?

With epoxy’s popularity, DIY methods begin to pop from many resources teaching moms and dads to resurface their floors. Soon, DIY epoxy floors will soon reveal failures. Are you one of the homeowners who thought that epoxy gave you your dream flooring and now are having floor nightmares?

No need to dial 411! Today’s article gives you the essential tips and steps for when an epoxy emergency comes! When and how will you remove epoxy from the flooring?

From New To Dld: Epoxy Removal Solutions For All

Common conditions apply when you need to remove epoxy. Here are frequently asked questions regarding this issue:

  • How to remove accidentally spilled epoxy on the surface before it cures?
  • What to do when epoxy coating needs to change color or design?
  • Do you need to remove an epoxy coating from concrete before repair or resurfacing?
  • Can I epoxy over old epoxy flooring?
  • How do I get epoxy off my floor?

You may just recently install epoxy and realize it is not the look you want on the floors. Or, you have old epoxy flooring and needs updating. What will you do? Follow the list below to find your flooring solution and put an end to all your epoxy woes:

1- Solvent Solution

Suppose you previously installed epoxy, or you have a newly resurfaced garage floor. You can perform a solvent bath on the flooring surface to soften the recently cured epoxy coating and remove it. An acetone-based solution is what you need. This process is not rocket science. You will need to prepare necessary materials, though:

  • acetone or isopropyl alcohol
  • a clean rag, soft towels, or mop
  • a pair of nytril gloves for protection

A solvent bath to your new epoxy flooring rids off the coating right away. No need for you to stand by and wait for a professional flooring contractor. Solvent bath allows you to DIY fix an accidentally spilled epoxy on the flooring surface.

Pour acetone or a diluting chemical over the epoxy. Leave it for days. Then slowly remove the coating using a mop. While the layer is new, acetone or alcohol will slowly dilute the epoxy. It may take time, so be patient. For an old coating, however, this process will not work. 

2- Removing Old Epoxy

To remove old garage epoxy floor coating, you need a hardcore solution. It may require you to sand or grind the surface. This time you need the help of the pros depending on the degree of work epoxy removal requires on your floors. 

One way to remove an old epoxy is through grinding. A professional flooring contractor uses a specialized floor grinder. Epoxy removal through grinding makes sure to pave an even surface for a new coating to adhere to.

3- Remove Using Chloride Strippers

Sometimes floors have used multiple layers of epoxy like those used for garages. Do not worry if you got a thick epoxy coating to deal with. All you need is a chloride stripper that will slowly break down the epoxy compound on the surface. 

The stripping compound contains MEK or methylene chloride, or dichloromethane. You can access these products from your local home depot and garage floor repair suppliers. Take note of those compounds and see that your chloride stri[pers contain those.

4- Remove Using Caustic Strippers

Suppose you are looking for ways how you can remove old epoxy off the flooring. Another option for you is caustic strippers. This product is less intense than those with MEK. If you opt to use one friendlier to your health, you will need the patience to use it.

Caustic strippers are also more suitable for removing the coating from the epoxy pool deck. Since the surface is exposed to water, you need a safer one to keep those who swim in good health.

5- Removing Epoxy Paint With Paint Strippers

If paint and epoxy mix, you may feel that you have more to worry about. But that is not the case here. Do not fret! 

Paint strippers contain oils that loosen or melt the paint compound. Epoxy paint is somewhat easier to remove than pure thick epoxy. Some paints are solvent-based, so they can be erased using water. 

When To Remove Epoxy?

Answering when to remove epoxy from flooring will ave you cost. Knowing that not all time, you can take off the coating. Epoxy is a good investment when used correctly. 

If one of your reasons is a bad design, then the practical tip for you is to ask Concrete Repair Indianapolis experts. You may call one near you to help you plan your epoxy flooring designs.

So, how come some epoxy fails or needs removal. Only two common reasons when:

  • Remove If You Move

Need to transfer location? Or, you might have just bought a new home, and an old epoxy is on the surface. You are thinking of a more classic style with staining of polished concrete. Then go back to the above list to choose the removal method for you.

  • Faulty To Fading

Faulty installation happens if the surface did not go through proper preparation. If you have not got the chance to avoid mistakes, see if you got those items. If so, then you can restore the concrete surface with a solvent bath. 

Lastly, fading epoxy may also be an aftermath of faulty installation. The surface did not adhere well to the floor coating. Epoxy removal needs the precision of those who are in the business for years. They got the skills to remove epoxy in the right way. Voila, you are good to go!

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